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A big kickboxing event is taking place this weekend in China. Chinese promotion Faith Fight is presenting 2 fight cards back to back on August 31 and September 1, with 26 bouts scheduled and six different nations represented.

U.K. based Polish fighter Lukasz “Big Polski” Krupadziorow looks for another win in China against Wu Chao. “Big Polski” has won three bouts in China, and Wu will be looking to avenge national honor when the two big men clash.

Here are the fight cards. As always, apologies are in order for any misspellings, and we’ll try to get results posted.

“FF Wins the World”

China Free Fighting Professional League
31 August Fight Card

Chen Yahong (CHN) vs Cao Zuoyuan (CHN)-60 kg
Huang Shuulu (CHN) vs Wu Wenjie (CHN)-60 kg
Xue Mingqi (CHN) vs Ma Yunkang (CHN)-63.5 kg
Zhao Shiwei (CHN) vs Huang Shijie (CHN)-63.5 kg
Zhang Shuai (CHN) vs “King Guard” (CHN)-67 kg
Jiang Yutong (CHN) vs Su Saichong (CHN)-67 kg
Li Yinggang (CHN) vs Li Jiesheng (CHN)-71 kg
Liu Haoyang (CHN) vs Zhang Mengfoi (CHN)-71 kg
Wu Shihan (CHN) vs Qi Jianchao (CHN)-75 kg
Li Zhenxin (CHN) vs Wang Chao (CHN)-75 kg
Xu Wei (CHN) vs Lommanee (THA)-Women 52 kg
Chen Yawei (CHN) vs Andreas Skarvold (NOR)-82 kg
Bo Fufan (CHN) vs Masoud Rahimi (NLD)-80 kg

China Free Fighting Professional League
01 September Fight Card

Li Shaoqi (CHN) vs Song Mengyu (CHN)-60 kg
Lu Pinbo (CHN) vs Zhu Lulin (CHN)-60 kg
Zhang Yanqing (CHN) vs Wang Jiale (CHN)-63.5 kg
Tang Wei (CHN) vs Cheng Jinyuan (CHN)-63.5 kg
Wang Wei (CHN) vs Xu Zhongyuan (CHN)-67 kg
Meng Gaofeng (CHN) vs Li Qiyu (CHN)-67 kg
Feng Lei (CHN) vs Wang Ting (CHN)-71 kg
Zhong Weipeng (CHN) vs Yang Wei (CHN)-71 kg
Lin Fanzhen (CHN) vs Yang Jiale (CHN)-75 kg
Yan Guoxing (CHN) vs _____ (CHN)-75 kg
Yang Ying (CHN) vs Bruno Nincevic (HRV)-80 kg
Wu Chao (CHN) vs Lukasz “Big Polski” Krupadziorow (POL)-100 + kg
Li Shiyuan (CHN) vs Naiem Belfakih (NLD)-73 kg

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