Fair Fight IX: Results

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The Fair Fight organization held its ninth event Monday in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Artem Pashporin defeated Yodwicha by unanimous decision in the fight card’s main event.

Sher Mamazulunov, a two-time Tatneft Cup Champion, retained his Fair Fight Welterweight Title by unanimous decision against veteran Yury Bessmertny.

GLORY veteran Chris Baya spoiled the unbeaten record of Vadim Vaskov with an extra-round unanimous decision.

Full results below.

-70 kg: Artem Pashporin def. Yodwicha Banchamek (Thailand)-Unanimous Decision
Pasphorin (28-10) got the decision over Banchamek (110-31) in the night’s main event. The Russian fighter looked to counterpunch as the Thai pressed the action. Yodwicha scored with knees to the body at close range, and scored effectively with body kicks in the third round. Pashporin had the better boxing skills, and won the decision.

-77 kg: Sher Mamazulunov (Uzbekistan) def. Yury Bessmertny (Belarus)-Unanimous Decision (Mamazulunov Retains Fair Fight 77 kg Title)
Mamazulunov (22-5) successfully retained his title with a unanimous decision over veteran Bessmertny in an entertaining and well-fought battle. The champion, from Uzbekistan but fighting out of the Rus Gym, had the sharper boxing and also scored effectively with body kicks. Bessmertny (41-20-2) was competitive but outlanded and seemed the more fatigued fighter in the championship rounds.

These two fighters may meet again soon. Both are participants in this year’s Tatneft Cup, where Mamazulunov is the defending -80 kg champion and a two-time winner.

-84 kg: Sergey Veselkin def. Cesar Almeida (Brazil) -Extra Round Unanimous Decision
Veselkin (9-1) was stunned by a punch after Almeida (36-7) caught his kick in round one for an eight count. The Russian recovered, but Almeida pressured him patiently and got the better of the action. Almeida continued to pressure Veselkin. He scored with body punches, and also landed some good low and body kicks. Veselkin didn’t seem to score as many points. An extra round was called. Veselkin did his best work in the extra stanza, as he rocked Almeida with punches late to win an extra round decision.

-70 kg: Christian Baya (Angola) def. Vadim Vaskov (Belarus)-Extra Round Unanimous Decision
Vaskov (11-1) seemed to have the edge after two rounds, but Baya (60-8-1) had a good third round, landing punches with a fatigued Vaskov along the ropes. With the fight close, an extension round was called. Baya was the more effective fighter in the extra round. He came forward and landed the better shots to pick up the win, and hand the Belorussian his first loss as a professional.

-70 kg: Vasily Semenov def. Robson Minotinho (Brazil)-TKO Round 2 (Punches)
Minotinho (31-6) applied pressure to the taller (11 cm) Semenov, who moved and looked to catch the Brazilian. After a close round one, Semenov (10-2) caught Minotinho with a good right hand that stunned him. Semenov followed up with punches, and a stunned Minotinho was given an eight count. The bout was stopped after the count as Minotinho was still stunned.

-77 kg: Alexander Sanochkin def. Marley Zwanenberg (Netherlands)-Unanimous Decision
Sanochkin (6-2) outworked Zwanenberg (10-3) to earn the decision in a well-matched bout. Zwanenberg had height and reach advantages, but didn’t fight a lot off the back foot, and chose to come forward. Sanochkin mixed head and body punches with knees to the body and low kicks nicely. Zwanenberg landed some good low kicks, and a good high kick in round two that Sanochkin absorbed well.

-77 kg: Mamuka Usubyan def. Nilmongkorn Ohh (Thailand)-KO Round 1 (Left Punch)
Usubyan (6-1) made quick work of the Thai (56-13-2), stopping Ohh with a left hand in the first round. Ohh had just thrown a body kick and Usubyan countered with a left hand that caught Ohh on the chin and dropped him.

-70 kg: Nikita Kurbatov def. Tomoyuki Nishikawa (Japan)-Unanimous Decision
Kurbatov (7-1) started the bout circling and using his jab, then started to come forward more. Kurbatov showed a nice jab and boxing skills, and got the better of the action, as the Japanese fighter often tried to lean back to avoid punches. In round three, Nishikawa (56-35-9) pressured Kurbatov, who began to tire but was still the more effective fighter to earn the decision.

Other Bout Results:
-65 kg: Mikhail Ivanov def. Viktor Mikhailov-Extra Round Unanimous Decision
-65 kg: Oleg Likhtarovich (Belarus) def. Giorgi Khupenia (Georgia)-KO Round 1 (Knee to Body)
-77 kg: Vladimir Gabov def. Maxim Vyguzov-Unanimous Decision
-84 kg: Konstantin Males def. Nikita Kozlov-Unanimous Decision
-77 kg: Nikita Kondratov def. Yuri Taradin-Unanimous Decision

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