Enfusion Talents Results from Zilina, Slovakia

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Tomaš Šenkyr (SLO) WD3 Igor Lyokhin (UKR)-85kg
Local favorite “Seno” Senkyr won his farewell fight with a clear points win over Lyokhin. Senkyr landed a nice counter right hand and some good knees in the first. A clash of heads cut Lyokhin in the second and Senkyr was also cut by a butt. Lyokhin ducks his head and brings it up while throwing punches. Senkyr hurt Lyokhin with a couple of body shots late in the second. In the third, Senkyr dropped Lyokhin twice-once with body punches but couldn’t finish off the Ukrainian fighter. Senkry’s record is now 47-1-21(23). Lyokhin evens out at 8-1-8(5).

Vladimir Konsky (SLO) Przemyslav Goss (POL)-72.5kg-Muay Thai bout
Konsky had Goss on the defensive early with leg kicks, and began connecting with clean punches. By the second round, Goss was turning southpaw due to the leg kicks, but Konsky kept working the leg and also connected with some nice elbows on the inside. Konsky cruised in the third, working the front kick to the body and picking up a clear points victory. The tough Goss ate a lot of leg kicks and punches but kept trying. Konsky is now 84-1-31. Goss’s ledger stands at 30-0-15(10).

Jakub Sloviak (SLO) WD3 Dominik Tábor (CZE)-71kg
Sloviak outlanded Tabor to earn the decision in an entertaining battle. The taller Tabor looked to land body kicks and knees on the inside. Sloviak connected with some good body shots and low kicks, and was the busier fighter in a fight started fast but slowed in the last round due to the pace. Sloviak improves to 12-0-2(4). The 18-year-old Tabor is now 9-0-5.

Jozef Janotik (SLO) UD3 Martin Ozanik (SLO)-71kg
Janotik landed the better shots to win the battle between countrymen. Ozanik waited a lot for Janotik to initiate but was more active in the the third round. Janotik improves to 36-1-4(10). Ozanik’s record is now 17-3-11(1).

Milan Kratochvila (SLO) WD3 Miroslav Špirko (CZE)-80kg
Kratchovila applied pressure and landed better shots and more often. Spirko was bothered by a cut on the left side of his head that was caused by an unintentional headbutt in the second round. Kratchovila kept coming forward in the third and outlanding Spirko, who was tiring. Kratochvila improves to 20-0-5. Spirko is now 11-0-6.

Andrea Tóthová (SLO) WD4 Kamila Eliasova (CZE) 60kg Female
A hard fought bout between two young female fighters. Tothova won the first round with some good punches, but the last two rounds were close. Tothova’s landed some clean punches in the extra round that earned her the win. Tothova improves to 19-4. Eliasova is now 7-3.

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