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George Gropai KO1 Kevin Botz
Greece’s Gropai, nicknamed “The Headhunter”, scored a devastating first round knockout of Germany’s Botz. The taller Botz walked into a right hand early, and Gropai’s follow up punches floored Botz. Botz got up and got tagged with more shots, including a high kick, and an eight count was given by referee Joop Ubeda. Botz was cut and tried to survive, but Gropai soon found a home for a big right hand that dropped Botz face first. The bout was immediately stopped without a count. Gropai improves to an impressive 37-0-4(11). Botz is now 30-3-16(9).

Dominic Santl UD3 Rahell Omar
The 18-year-old Santl wore down Omar with pressure. Santl mixed punches upstairs with knees to the body, and by the third round Omar was offering little resistance. Omar took a count from a Santl knee in the second. Santl, who looked impressive, improves to 19-0-1(13). Omar is now 22-0-10(11).

Selahattin Sahin TKO1 Mario Giardiello
Sahin overwhelmed Italy’s Girardiello in their 85kg match up. Sahin’s pressure had Girardiello covering up and trapped in a corner before he fell from a left hook. Girardiello arose but Sahin kept attacking and the defensive Girardiello was dropped twice more for the TKO stoppage. Sahin, fighting out of Turkey, is now 27-0-5(17).

Abdellah Madi SD3 Dennis Haddad
Madi, who took the fight on short notice, won a close split decision over Haddad in a 63kg contest. The French southpaw landed some nice low kicks and punches in the first while Haddad landed some good knees. In the second, Madi turned up the pressure early, but seemed to tire late and the taller Haddad got the better of the action. Haddad landed some good punches and had a clear advantage in the third, but the judges favored Madi. Madi is now 13-0-3. Haddad is 23-0-14.

Jeton Bajra (GER) TKO2 Paraskevas Kavalaris (GRE)
A good action bout in the 63kg weight class. Bajra started fast, but Kavaleris got the better of the first round with with his better defense and sharper techniques. In the second round, Kavaleris threw a body shot and Bajra countered with a knee to the head that cut the Greek fighter. Referee Joop Ubeda saw the cut and took a look and waved the bout off at the 32 second mark.

Diana Kohne MD3 Ilena Engels (Female Bout)
Engels had the edge early, boxing off the back foot and landing a couple of good right hands. Kohne had a better second round, and dominated the third, scoring effectively in the clinch with knees to the body. Engels was visibly fatigued and looked hurt. Kohne is now 11-0-1. Engels slips to 33-5-18.

Panya Mee Sue (THA) TKO 1 Tom Flemm (GER)
Sue had the edge in the bout before finishing Flemm off with a jump knee and follow up punches. Flemm beat the count, but referee Joop Ubeda summoned the doctor to check on the cut above Flemm’s right eye. The doctor advised the bout be halted and the fight was stopped. Sue improves to 25-1-7(3). Flemm is now 8-2-7(2).

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