Enfusion Talents Results from Sallanches, France

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Enfusion Talents Results from Sallanches, France

Chafia Djouahra (FRA) WD3 Magda Amassafi (ITA)     Female Fight 52KG
Magda is a true action fighter. The 22-year- old southpaw came forward for all three rounds throwing hooks and looping punches, but was outpointed by Chafia, who outscored her with teeps, punches, and body kicks to secure the win. A knee to the body hurt Magda late in the third. Chafia is now 22-4(1). Magda is 8-2-1(0).

Yoann Mermoux (FRA) WD3 Victor Bordage (FRA) 67KG
“Siam” Mermoux fights like his nickname with a patient, countering style with teeps and kicks to the body and good knee work in the clinch. Bordage applied pressure for all three rounds, but Mermoux outscored Bordage after a patient first round. Mermoux is now 61-17(10). Bordage’s record is 12-4-1(4).

Thierry Mosimann (SWI) WD3 Adriano Tripoli (ITA) 70KG
Mosimann came forward for most of the fight and showed a good arsenal of punches, knees, and low kicks. Tripoli had his movements, but Mosimann was the aggressor and had the higher work rate to earn the decision.

Abderrahim Jouadi (MOR) WD3 Hamza Sahli (MOR) 60KG
The two Moroccan fighters fought a spirited battle. Sahli was the shorter fighter and took the fight to Jouadi early, who looked to counter. Jouadi came forward more in the second and landed with some big punches, but seemed to tire late in the round. In the third, Jouadi landed a big right hand and the referee issued an eight count to Sahli. That was the difference in a give and take battle, as the judges awarded Jouadi the win on points. Jouadi improves to 11-3-2(1). Sahli is now 12-5(2).

David Oudin (FRA) TKO 1 Kamel Benhkiat (FRA) 72.5KG
This was a rematch of an earlier encounter, and there was good back and forth action. Oudin threw a nice head kick from distance, and had the upper hand when the bout was halted because of a nasty cut over Benhkiat’s left eye. Oudin ups his ledger to 8-5(4). Benhkiat’s record now stands at 7-3-1(0).

Mike Akwasi (GHA) TKO 3 Gomri Ramzi (FRA) 80KG
Ramzi, a full contact fighter, wasn’t able to defend against the stronger Akwasi’s low kicks in the first round, and was issued an eight count. In the second, the gutsy Ramzi staged a mini rally, but was hurt by some body shots and given another eight count. Akwasi caught a Ramzi kick and fired a leg kick of his own that dropped Ramzi in the third, and the fight was stopped. Akwasi is still unbeaten at 4-0(3). The brave Ramzi dips to 13-4.

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