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Lionel Bady WD3 Yassin el Morabit-87kg
el Morabit’s power hurt Bady early, and it looked like it would be a matter of time for Morabit to prevail. But Morabit loaded up on his shots and punched himself out. The southpaw Bady became the aggressor, throwing head and body punches and even landed a jump knee. A left dropped el Morabit. In the third, el Morabit tried to battle back, but he was tired and a Bady high kick and follow up punches dropped him. Bady improves to 17-1-5(7). el Morabit is now 39-2-5(19).

Khaled Moukalem WD3 Javier Barragan-66kg
The fight started slowly. Moukalem was the more active fighter and applied pressure, working body and head. Barragan seemed to tire in the second. In the third, a body shot and follow up punches led to an eight count with Barragan in the corner. Moukalem improves to 9-1. Barragan is now 46-12(40).

Ilias Hamouchi WD3 Wail el Fassi-77kg
Fassi had the edge early, but the bigger Hamouchi’s punches got his attention in the second round. Fassi had volume but Hamouchi’s shots did more damage in the third. Hamouchi improves to 31-2-6. el Fassi slips to 26-7(7).

Donovan Wisse TKO1 Mohammed Balli-86kg
Wisse dominated Balli, dropping him three times to earn the TKO win. Wisse countered a Balli kick with a right to drop him seconds into the bout. Wisse stayed patient and dropped him with another right. Balli was in bad shape-he turned his back after a couple more rights. He was finished off with a high kick. Wisse improves to 33-2-3(18).

Ilias Bannis WD3 Tarik Lyachat-63kg
Very good fight. The taller Lyachat used distance well, stepping back and moving after throwing his attacks. In the second, Bannis started to land more with leg kicks and punches. Bannis had a clear edge in the third-his inside low kicks damaged Lyachat’s left leg and he bloodied his nose with punches. Bannis improves to 21-2-5(10). The more experienced Lyachat is now 61-1-7(9).

Hamza Soesie UD3 Damencio Patty-65kg
Soesie’s showed a diverse arsenal and his workrate wore down Patty. Patty landed a few good right hands in the first, but Soesie got the better of the action in all the three rounds. In the third, Patty was visibly fatigued from the pace. Soesie is now 47-2-4(5). Patty slips to 5-4(1).

Mohammed Dadda TKO1 Nick De Blaes-61kg

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