Enfusion Kickboxing Results from Dordrecht

Dutch promotion Enfusion, in association with Fight Explosion, held an event today in Dordrecht, Netherlands. The event was broadcast on Viceland in Holland, and streamed worldwide on Enfusion Live (pay-per-view). Here are results.

Enfusion Talents #74
Nick Regter (Netherlands) def. Youssef Madi (Morocco)
Southpaw Regter won the decision in the opening bout, which featured good action. Reger took control as the bout wore on, pressing forward and scoring more points.

-75 kg: Montaser Larousi (Morocco) def. Hans Pasztjerik (Netherlands)-Unanimous Decision
Larousi (47-7-2, 10 KOs) stunned Paszterik (66-18-4, 20 KOs) with a left punch in round one and followed up, but couldn’t land a knockdown or knockout shot. The pace slowed in rounds two and three, with Larousi outscoring Pasztjerik to get the win.

-85 kg: Anwar Dira (Morocco) def. Najmedinne Mhamdi (Tunisia)-Unanimous Decision
Dira (21-2, 7 KOs) outlanded Mhamdi (10-2, 6 KOs) in a tough fight in which both fighters landed some solid shots.

-85 kg: Zakaria Takditi (Morocco) def. Noah Apituley (Molucas)-Decision
Takditi (14-4, 6 KOs) hurt Apituley (26-9-1, 16 KOs) in the second before he knocked down Aptiuley with a knee. Both men were tired in the third, with Apituley trying to work the body and pressing forward late.

-63 kg: Tarik Lyachat (Morocco) def. Richie van Dijk (Netherlands)-Unanimous Decision
Both men looked sharp early. Lyachat (66-7-1, 9 KOs) hurt van Dijk (13-1, 4 KOs) with a big right hand that led to an eight count late in round one. Lyachat stunned van Dijk early again in round two, but van Dijk recovered and pushed the fight. In round three, van Dijk continued to press and did some nice work, but he was behind on points and lost the decision.

-70 kg: Nabil Haryouli (Morocco) def. Lorenzo Geurink (Moluccas)
Rising prospect Haryouli (28-1, 14 KOs) looked sharp in winning the decision against the tough Geurink. He landed the low kick regularly and found openings for body shots as Geurink kept his guard high. Geurink pressured Haryouli, but the Moroccan timed some good right hands, and got the better of the action to earn the victory.

Enfusion #88
-80 kg: Mohammed Ghaedibardeh (Iran) def. Jende Nnamadim (Belgium)-KO Round 1
In a battle of hard-hitting southpaws, “Persian Destoyer” Ghaedibardeh (58-4, 39 KOs) scored a stunning first-round stoppage against Nnamadim (47-7-2, 39 KOs). The fighters felt each other out. Ghaedibardeh caught a Nnadim kick, then followed with a left, right to the body, then grabbed and landed a devastating knee to the head. Nnadim crashed to the canvas and the fight was stopped.

-95 kg: Thomas Bridgewater (Netherlands) def. Fred Sikking (Netherlands)
Bridgewater (28-11-2, 10 KOs) got the better of the action in a match up of two veterans. Sikking (50-25-1, 18 KOs) received an eight-count in the third round after a cut over the left eye bothered him.

-72.5 kg: Nordin van Roosmalen (Netherlands) def. Anouar Lahmaj (Morocco)-Decision
Former champion van Roosmalen (78-4, 49 KOs) used pressure and combination punching to win a clear decision over Lahmaj (19-7, 7 KOs). The Dutch fighter landed some hard punches to both head and body, and also scored with inside low kicks. There were no knockdowns or eight counts.

-75 kg: Bilal Loukili (Morocco) def. Jeroen van Diemen (Netherlands)-Decision
Contender Loukili (41-4-2, 12 KOs) was too sharp for the game van Diemen (41-12-5, 6 KOs), who took some hard shots but hung in until the final bell.

-67 kg: Darryl Verdonk (Netherlands) def. Bahez Khushnaw (Netherlands)-Decision
Khushnaw (5-3, 3 KOs) stepped in on late notice and gave a spirited effort against Verdonk (6-2, 4 KOs). Verdonk got through with some hard punches with Khushnaw against the ropes, and knocked him down with a big right hand in round two.

Heavyweight: Levi Rigters (Netherlands) def. Dexter Suisse (Netherlands)-KO Round 2
Rigters stunned Suisse early in round one with a right hand. Suisse pressed the fight with Rigters looking to catch him coming forward. Rigters caught Suisse with a good knee to the head in round two, and followed up with punches for an eight count. With Suisse against the ropes, Rigters ripped some hard body punches and also landed a huge right uppercut. A pair of looping right hands dropped the weary Suisse again. Referee Joop Ubeda called the fight off.

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