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Dutch martial arts website Vecht Sport Info NL recently interviewed Mr. Edwin Van Os, CEO of the Enfusion promotion. Van Os discussed the promotion’s plans for 2019.

According to the article, Enfusion will only hold four events next year in the Netherlands, compared to eight this year. The promotion plans to stage events in Italy and Canada in 2019, along with the Netherlands, France, Spain, the UAE, and other countries where Enfusion regularly holds shows.

Van Os said he is not worried about another top European organization KOK entering the market, nor is he concerned about well-funded Asian organization ONE CHAMPIONSHIP. KOK and Fighters Heart are promoting an event on 30 March in the Netherlands in the city of Arnhem, and have already announced top fighters such as Russian star Vlad “Diamond” Tuinov, teenage sensation Georgina van der Linden, and legend Albert Kraus for the gala.

ONE Championship meanwhile has signed former GLORY champion Nieky Holzken, K-1 legend Andy Souwer, and heavyweight Tarik Khbabez to contracts, and other Dutch and European fighters regularly compete on ONE events in Asia. It’s expected ONE will eventually expand to promote events in Europe and North America.

“I do not see it as a threat. I do not expect much from KOK and ONE will have to turn to Enfusion and / or Glory for fighters. The Dutch market is reasonably boarded by Glory and Enfusion, so anyway they will have to knock on our door,” Van Os told the website.

In the interview, Van Os also stated he was pleased with the broadcast deal Enfusion has with the VICELAND network. Van Os also stated the league format will not continue, and the promotion will focus on elimination matches for their titles.

“The 85 kilo league is going out. That ends in 2019 and there is no new one in its place. We are going to focus more on elimination fight where the winner gets a title fight,” he said.

Disclaimer: The original article was in Dutch. Any errors in translation are purely unintentional.

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