Enfusion 83: Ciric Slays The Vampire (Results)

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Robin Ciric def. Vladimir Moravcik-KO Round 4 (Ciric Wins Enfusion 80 kg World Title)

In the end, youth conquered experience.

Robin Ciric, a 21-year-old Serbian fighting out of the Netherlands, shocked veteran Vladimir “Dracula” Moravcik, winning the Enfusion 80 kg World Title Saturday night in Zilina, Slovakia.

Ciric stunned reigning champion Moravcik with a right hand in round one. In round two, Moravcik began to wear down Ciric with his Muay Thai skills, getting close and working knees to the body.

The third round was close. Ciric found openings for his punches while Moravcik landed more knees, and executed a nice leg catch and sweep.

Ciric ended the bout in stunning fashion in the fourth. After hurting the 37-year-old former champion with a knee to the head, Ciric landed a big right that dropped Moravcik.

Moravcik arose but was still wobbly. The referee however let the fight continue, and Ciric promptly ended the bout with another big right that felled Moravcik. Moravcik remained on the canvas for a couple of minutes, but seemed fine after.

Ciric improves to 33-4 with the win. Moravcik slips to 82-9-2.

Main Card Results
-72.5 kg: Milan Pales (Slovakia) def. Nordin van Roosmalen (Netherlands)-Decision
In a fantastic battle between two world-class operators seldom in bad fight, Pales (36-6-1) outscored van Roosmalen (77-4) to get the win. Both fighters landed some good shots, and a van Roosmalen left punch appeared to stun Pales in round two. Pales scored more often, but van Roosmalen was the harder hitter. Pales appeared to hurt a tiring van Roosmalen to the body in round three, and was the busier fighter down the stretch to seal the victory.

+95 kg: Martin Pacas (Slovakia) def. Rade Opacic (Serbia)-Decision
Veteran heavyweight contender Pacas (40-11) was too sharp for young Opacic (10-4). The Slovakian used movement and distance effectively to set up his techniques. In round two, Pacas began to back Opacic up, and he mixed his punches and kicks nicely. More of the same in round three. Opacic landed a few techniques but was outscored and outfought.

-52 kg: Aurore Dos Santos (France) def. Monika Chochlikova (Slovakia)-Decision (Dos Santos Wins Enfusion 52 kg World Title)
France’s Dos Santos (26-6-1) won a decision over Chochilikova in a surprise decision. There was a lot of clinching in the match, and Chochlikova scored regularly with knees. Chochlikova was the fighter coming forward early. Dos Santos seemed to be the sharper fighter late in the bout as Chochlikova tired, but it seemed like the Slovakian (40-13) had outscored her overall.

-72.5 kg: Tadeas Ruzicka (Czech Republic) def. Stefan Meszeros (Slovakia)-Decision

-95 kg: Ivan Bartek (Slovakia) def. Marouane Bounabi (France)-Decision
Bartek (34-11-3) won a decision in a tough battle. Each fighter was knocked down-Bounabi (13-4) in round one and Bartek by a high kick in the third. Bartek got the better of the action in round two, and that may have been the difference.

-70 kg: Jakub Sloviak (Slovakia) def. Jozef Janotik (Slovakia)-Extra Round Decision
Sloviak (12-4) survived a first-round knockdown caused by a knee to the head to win an extra round decision over countryman Janotik. Janotik appeared to have a point deducted in round two after he attempted a spinning back-fist that landed with the elbow.

Enfusion Talents #68 Results

Tabor Grinds Out Decision
Dominik Tabor won a decision over Denis Farkas in the last bout of the Talents card. Tabor got inside and worked knees to the body during the clinch frequently in the -70 kg bout.

Kravcojic Defeats Tothova
In an all Slovakian ladies bout in the 60 kg weight category, Lucia Kravcojic defeated Andrea Tothova via decision.

Kravcojic (21-9) was the fighter that went forward, as Tothova (19-5) looked to catch her as she stepped into range or wait to counter. Kravcojic landed some clean straight punches during the exchanges, and also scored with some knees to the body after she crashed distance. Tothova landed some clean techniques, but was outscored. Kravcojic was the fresher fighter later in the bout.

Other Results
Lukas Mandinec (Slovakia) defeated Dzmitry Tymul (Belarus) by decision in a Muay Thai rules match. The weight category was 63 kg.

Martin Knazek of Poland (21-5) defeated Miroslav Spirko (11-6-1). Knazek won by second round TKO as the tiring Slovakian wanted no more after being given an eight count. The bout was in the 80 kg weight category.

In a -63 kg contest, Slovakia’s Richard Dobrotka (9-3-1) seemed lucky to win the decision against Leonard Borak (21-6-1) of Serbia. Borak seemed to land the better shots and was the aggressor, but Dobrotka was not far behind points-wise.

The opener was a battle between two young -70 kg fighters. Ondrej Ginovsky (12-1) of the Czech Republic won a decision over Slovakia’s Peter Lepis (10-6).

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