Enfusion 72 Results from Madrid

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Enfusion returned to Spain Saturday with an event in Madrid.

The event featured a ladies title fight, and a four-man tournament in the 72.5 kg weight category. There were also two elimination bouts to determine future title challengers. Here are the results.

-72.5 kg: Diogo Calado (PRT) def. Nayanesh Parish (COD)-Unanimous Decision (Calado Wins Enfusion four-man 72.5 kg tournament)
Calado, a former Enfusion 75 kg champion, was too sharp for Parish in the final. The Portugese fighter outlanded his Congolese counterpart to earn the victory, and a place in the eight-man Abu Dhabi tournament in December. Calado picked up his 40th pro win, and improves to 40-1-15(13).

-57 kg: Antonio Orden (ESP) def. Chamlagphet Phan (THA)-KO 4
Orden got a stunning kayo in a bout that was slow at times. Orden took his time trying to figure out the Thai’s style, using footwork and feints to size up Chamlaghphet. The Thai landed a couple of good body kicks here and there. In round four, Orden threw a jab and followed with a body shot that dropped Chlagphet, and the Thai couldn’t continue. Orden is now in line for a shot at the Enfusion 57 kg title.

-63 kg: Cristian Spectu (ROU) def. Jacko Nicola (ESP)-Unanimous Decision
Spectu got the better of Nicola in a good fight, earning a shot at the Enfusion 63 kg title. Spectu lost a point in the fifth round for losing his gum shield. Spectu improves to 31-1-8(10). Jacko is now 18-1-7(2).

Cristofer Opazos (ESP) def. Soufian Benzerrouk (MAR)-Unanimous Decision
Opazos landed some heavy punches on Benzerrouk and knocked him down in round three, but the game Moroccan survived until the final bell. Opazos was the shorter fighter and applied pressure, while Benzerrouk tried to fend him off with kicks. Opazos landed some big right hands on Benzerrouk, before decking him with a left hook counter to a Benzerrouk knee later. An exhausted Benzerrouk hung in there and showed his toughness. Opazos is now 42-2-9(15).

-52 kg: Lizzie Largilliere (FRA) def. Lara Fernandez (ESP)-Unanimous Decision (Largilliere Wins New Enfusion Ladies 52 kg Title)
Largilliere started the bout quickly, putting pressure on Spain’s Fernandez. Fernandez was doing the better work in the last couple of rounds. The judges awarded the decision to Largilliere unanimously after five rounds, but it was a close fight. Lizzie is now 32-1-10(13). Fernandez slips to 35-1-4(11).

-72.5 kg Tournament 2/2: Nayanesh Parish (COD) def. Johan Tkac (FRA)-Split Decision
Great fight. Nayanesh landed some solid shots on the tough Frenchman, who kept coming forward and landed some solid right hands of his own during the bout. Tkac is now 32-1-9(20).

-72.5 kg Tournament 1/2: Diogo Calado (PRT) def. Edye Ruiz (ESP)
Calado was too sharp for Ruiz, controlling the fight and scoring effectively with kicks and punches. Ruiz landed a good punch here and there, but Calado was the superior technician. The Portugese fighter switched between orthodox and southpaw, and landed some nice body kicks from the left handed stance. Calado is now 39-1-15(13). Ruiz is 58-3-15(22).

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