Enfusion 71 Results: “Turkish Turbine” Ozcan Defeats Sheikholeslami

Ozcan-Sheikholeslami Poster

Enfusion 71 took place Saturday in Hamburg, Germany.

“The Turkish Turbine” Tayfun Ozcan once again showed he’s one of the world’s best kickboxers, with a one-sided TKO win over tough Ardalan Sheikholeslami to retain his title. Teenage sensation Georgina van der Linden outboxed Anne Line Hogstad of Norway. Iran’s Mohammadraza Khatami persevered and won a decision over Redouan Laarkoubi.

Tayfun Ozcan (TUR) def. Ardalan Sheikholeslami (IRN)-TKO 3 (Ozcan retains Enfusion 72.5 kg Title)
Ozcan put on a clinic against the tough Sheikholeslami, punishing the Iranian with inside low kicks, left hooks to the body, and uppercuts. Sheikholeslami kept a high guard, but he had no answers for Ozcan’s quick combinations. Ozcan’s inside low kicks started to bruise Sheikholeslami’s leg in round one, and Ozcan was finding a home for his left hook to the ribs. By round two, Sheikholeslami’s nose was cut from uppercuts getting through the guard. Sheikholeslami tried a couple of sweeps but didn’t land anything significant. The doctor checked out the Iranian warrior after round two. In round three, Ozcan continued to pepper Sheikholeslami with shots, and the fight was stopped after Sheikholeslami’s nose got worse.

Ozcan is now 79-3-8(25). Sheikholeslami is 36-1-8(22).

Robin Ciric (SRB) def. Jouri de Sousa (AGO)-Extra Round Decision 85 kg
Ciric edged de Sousa on the judges’ cards after four rounds. Ciric seemed to have a lead after two rounds, he was the busier fighter and coming forward. de Sousa became more aggressive in round three, and scored with some good punches. Ciric did enough in the fourth to get the win from the judges, but you could hear some boos from the audience. Ciric is now 34-3(9). de Sousa is 25-6(18).

Mohammadraza Khatami (IRN) def. Redouan Laarkoubi (NLD)-Decision 75 kg
Iran’s Khatami started the bout well, using in and out movement and scoring effectively. Laarkoubi seemed a step behind. Laarkoubi picked up the pressure, Khatami was doing good work-finishing his combinations with kicks to the body and using movement. In the third, Laarkoubi landed some shots and it seemed Khatami was wearing down. Khatami then caught Laarkoubi with a good left. The two fighters took turns scoring, and fought hard until the final bell. Khatami improves to 26-3-7(10). Laarkoubi, the former Enfusion 75kg champion, is now 32-2-12(9).

Georgina van der Linden (NLD) def. Anne Line Hogstad (NOR)-Decision 54 kg
van der Linden, the Dutch teenage sensation and Enfusion champion at 57 kg, used distance effectively to outpoint the game Norwegian. van der Linden scored with long,quick jabs and body kicks and moved effectively. Hogstad came forward but did not land anything serious. There were a few clinches with knees exchanged. van der Linden, although still a teenager, notched her 110th win.

Fabiano Silva (BRA) def. Daniel Eckert (DEU)-Decision 70 kg
Eckert went down twice in round one from kicks to the body, kneeling from the impact of the blows. The German southpaw went for broke after the second eight count, and the two fighters battled. The bout’s pace slowed down. In the third, Eckert looked to land his big left hand, but got tagged himself with a good counter shot. Both fighters landed some good shots. Silva had a big lead on points and got the win. Semmy Shilt was in Silva’s corner. Silva is now 37-7(18). Eckert 23-6(4).

Paul Jansen (NLD) def. Tom Minners (DEU)-TKO 1 70 kg
Jansen came out and landed a couple of hard body kicks and was looking to land a jump knee. With Minners on the ropes, a left hook hurt the German and he went down. Minners was still hurt when he got up, and went down from another Jansen knee. Minners arose but the fight was halted. Jansen improves to 28-8. Minners is now 22-10.

Bilal Loukili (MAR) def. Arian Sadkovic (BIH)-Decision 75 kg
Loukili was impressive in winning a decision over the tough Sadkovic. The Moroccan fighter landed to the body effectively with knees and punches, and also changed levels nicely with his shots. Sadkovic is a solid puncher and physically strong, but he was outfought and outscored by the talented young Loukili. Loukili improves to 36-2-3(10). Sadkovic is now 8-2(4).

Enfusion Talents #58 Results
Amier Abdulahad (EGY) def. Kristian Malocaj (DEU)- TKO 2 67 kg
Abdulahad came off the canvas to stun the more experienced Malocaj. In round one, Malocaj caught Abdulahad with a good right hand to the side of the head, knocking the Egyptian down. Abdulahad got his legs back and recovered. In the second round, he hurt Malocaj and dropped him with a left hook. After another left hook dropped Malocaj, his corner threw in the towel during the referee’s eight count.

Kamran Aminzade (IRN) def. Veysel Barasi (DEU)-Decision Heavyweights
Aminzade, nicknamed “The Persian Lion” outworked the bigger Barasi to earn the decision. Barasi came forward, but was not active, and Aminzadeh landed some solid low kicks and punches. Barasi picked up his work rate later in the fight, but Aminzadeh slipped or blocked a lot of punches.

Martin Reemeijer (NLD) def. Marco Aschenbrenner (DEU)-TKO 2
Dutch southpaw Reemeijer survived some rocky moments but wore down and stopped the German veteran with low kicks. Reemeijer started well, backing up Marco and landing some hard shots, but he ate a counter left and was stunned. Aschenbrenner was able to counter punch effectively, and Reemeijer was stunned more than once but was the stronger fighter. Reemeijer landed some good low kicks, and knocked down the German who could not continue. Good, tough, battle. Reemeijer improves to 19-2-5.

Kerim Hedur (DEU) def. Florian-Decision
Richard Kauw (NLD)def. Omar Amasha (EGY)- KO 3 85 kg
Kauw was too strong for Amasha, pressuring the Egyptian fighter and landing some solid shots. Amasha took an eight count after a big right hand in round two, and absorbed some hard low kicks. In round three, a big left hook dropped Amasha, and the fight was waved off by the referee.

Tisha Balentin (NLD) def. Alicia Holzken (NLD)- Decision 54 kg Ladies Bout
Both young Dutch ladies were unbeaten heading into the bout. The fight seemed close after two rounds, with the judges deciding for Balentin.

Eddy Ocran (GHA) def. Sirano‘t Zand (NLD)-TKO 3 75 kg

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