Enfusion 66 Results: Risco Defeats Kiria

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Enfusion ventured to an exotic location for their latest event. The island of Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands and located off the coast of Western Sahara and Morocco, played host to Enfusion 66. Jonay Risco pleased the Spanish fans with a impressive points win over Davit Kiria. Hard hitting Ulrik Bokheme and Boubaker El Bakouri won 85kg Enfusion League bouts.

Jonay Risco UD5 Davit Kiria (Non-title Bout)
Risco used his high volume attack to outwork Kiria over the five rounds. Risco’s Enfusion 70kg title was not on the line, but the promotion still made this high level match up a five round fight.

Risco threw quick combinations-mainly left jabs and hooks and finished with kicks. Kiria’s shots were more powerful but Risco was the busier fighter. Kiria picked up his work rate in the third round, and a knee upstairs knocked out Risco’s mouthpiece in the fourth stanza. Risco outworked Kiria in the fifth, and seemed to momentarily stun the tough Georgian.

Risco moves on to a September 15 title showdown with Nordin Ben Moh in Antwerp, Belgium.

Records: Risco 58-2-12(14). Kiria 31-14(12).

Loren Javier Jorge TKO1 Ibrahim El Boustati-85kgc(Leg Injury)
The fight got off to a good start but was derailed by a leg injury to El Boustati. El Boustati threw a low kick and Jorge lifted his leg to block. After the impact, El Boustati went down and was in obvious pain. The fight was waved off and medical personnel attended to El Boustati. Jorge’s record is now 96-5-28(43). El Boustati is 46-3(17).

Boubaker El Bakouri UD3 Filip Verlinden-85kg
Close fight. The judges gave it to El Bakouri. Verlinden was not able to kick with his rear leg much because of a cut on the shin that opened up in the first round. The Belgian veteran focused on his boxing and mixed in some knees and a few kicks. The judges favored El Bakouri though.

Ulrik Bokheme UD3 Khalid El Bakouri-85kg
Bokheme showed his customary heavy hands and kicks but late substitute El Bakouri displayed his toughness. Bokheme appeared to hurt El Bakouri with a left hook to the body in the second. El Bakouri, seeming to know he was behind, pressed the fight in the third but Bokheme cemented his win by outscoring the Moroccan. Bokheme, who resides in Switzerland but is from the Democratic Republic of Congo, is now 28-0-1(16). El Bakouri is 37-0-7(14).

Alejandro Rodriguez TKO1 Sergio Sanchez-70kg
An all Spain match up ended abruptly at 33 seconds of the first round, as a Rodriguez shot busted Sanchez wide open. A nasty gash opened on Sanchez’s forehead above the eyes, and the doctor advised the bout be halted. Rodriguez improves to 42-1-13(10). Sanchez’s ledger stands at 62-0-13(11).

Elam Ngor UD3 Hamza Imane-67kg
Ngor outworked Imane in a three round 67kg fight. The Spaniard came forward and landed more than Imane, who started slowly and seemed to prefer fighting off the back foot. Ngor is now 30-1-9(12). Imane, an Italian who holds a win over Kevin Ross, is now 52-2-13(9).

Diogo Silva SD3 Ubay Gonzalez-60kg
The slick Silva used a hit and move style en route to a split decision win over Gonzalez. Gonzalez got there on occasion and was the aggressor, but Silva did the better work and also landed some good knees in the clinch. Silva, from Portugal, improves to 30-6(0). Spain’s Gonzalez is now 6-2(0).

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