Enfusion 64 Results

Regillo Van De Ent TKO3 Karim Allouss (72.5 KG)
Van De Ent looked sharp in defeating Allouss, a Moroccan fighter who now lives in Germany. The Dutchman came out working the body kicks to establish range, and mixed his punches and kicks nicely later in the round. Van De Ent continued to press the action in the second, as Allouss seemed tentative. Allouss became more aggressive in the third, but it was Van De Ent who landed the better shots-scoring with some good punches. Referee Joop Ubeda stopped the fight after Allouss was cut over the left eye. Van De Ent imrproves to 33-1-7(14), and moves on to a showdown with England’s Jordan Watson. Allouss is now 41-0-13(14).

Berat Aliu MD3 Adelino Boa Morte (75 KG)
Aliu raised his work rate in the last round to earn a majority points win over Portugal’s Boa Morte. The two veterans studied each other early, and not a lot of consequence landed. The second round was also slow paced and nothing of note happened. In the third, Aliu became more aggressive and landed a few good punches.

Shkodran Veseli KO1 Sergej Braun (80 KG)
“Albanian Warrior” Veseli made an impressive showing against Braun, stopping the local in less than a minute. Veseli looked to work his hands early while Braun looked to score with body kicks. Veseli responded with a left hook to the body that hurt Braun after Braun threw a body kick. Veseli followed up with another left hook downstairs that dropped Braun and the bout was soon halted. Veseli is now 82-1-18. Braun’s ledger now stands at 25-0-7.

Andrej Bruhl WD3 Victor Bordage (67 KG)
Germany’s Bruhl has over 90 fights while France’s Bordage has around 18. The Frenchman started quickly, but Bruhl took over the fight in the first and got the better of the action the rest of the way to win a clear decision.

Dolly McBean UD5 Johanna Kruse (Women’s Title Fight)
McBean dominated the early action. McBean landed some good shots set up by her quickness and movement. Kruse became more aggressive in the third round, but that allowed more openings for McBean. Kruse had her best round in the fourth-the taller German seemed to find her range and connected with some good punches and also a jumping high kick. McBean dug down and scored with some good punches in the fifth. McBean improves to 11-2-4(3). Kruse slips to 34-1-5(14).

Mohammed Lazrak TKO3 Cihad Akipa (72.5 KG)
Lazrak gave a beating to local favorite Akipa. The Moroccan dropped Akipa with a one-two combination in the first, and scored a second knockdown with a left hook. Akipa was cornered, but survived by making Lazrak miss and escaping from the ropes. Akipa was hurt by a left hook in the second, and it looked like the ref missed a knockdown from a Lazrak left that landed high on the head and dropped Akipa. In the third, the game Akipa kept trying, but a Lazrak right cut him and the referee stopped the fight. Lazrak improves to 27-0-8(14). The courageous Akipa is 42-0-6. Both kickboxers are only 21 years of age.

Jaroslaf Lier UD3 Medy Aissa (72.5 KG)
“Spetsnaz” Lier outscored Aissa in the opener. Aissa, from France, took the bout on less than 24 hours notice, according to the commentators. Lier improves to 6-0-2. Aissa is now 13-0-4(8).

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