Enfusion 63 Results-Risco, Tavares, Ennahachi Retain Titles

Luis Tavares TKO3 Faith Ulosoy (Enfusion Heavyweight Title)
There was some bad blood between the two fighters, who had a confrontation in the ring before the introductions that was broken up by ref Joop Ubeda. Tavares dominated once the fight started. Ulusoy’s strategy was to walk Tavares down but he ate some good shots. Tavares knocked the Turk down in the second, and Ulusoy’s mouth was bloody at the end of the round. Ulusoy received an eight count in the third, and the one-sided fight was stopped by Ubeda after the towel came in from Ulosoy’s corner. Tavares, from the Netherlands, is now 49-6(20). Ulusoy slips to 22-2(20).

Endy Semeleer WD3 Redouan Laarkobi (72.5 kg)
Semeleer dominated Laarkoubi and knocked him down in the last round with a clean right hand. Laarkoubi pressed the fight but Semeleer was too quick with his hands and feet. Semeleer improves to 54-1(12). Laarkoubi is now 32-10-2(9).

Jonay Risco WD5 Buakaw Banchamek (Retains Enfusion 70kg Title)
Risco retained his title on points against the Thai legend, but it seemed like Buakaw did enough to earn the belt. Banchamek is older now but still showcased his great defensive and kicking skills. Risco answered kicks with kicks of his own and scored with quick combinations of punches, but it seemed like Buakaw had the edge on points.

Martin Pacas WD3 Hicham Achalhi (Heavyweights)
Pacas, a southpaw from Slovakia, used a hit and move strategy to pick up a clear points win over Morocco’s Alchalhi. Alchalhi stunned Pacas with a right hand over the top in the first, but Pacas took the last two rounds by using a pawing right jab to set up kicks to the body and legs. Alcahi followed Pacas looking to land the big right again. “Paco” Pacas improves to 37-9(11). Elcahi is now 79-10-2(20).

lias Ennahachi KO1 Krobsut Fairtex (Retains Enfusion 60kg Title)
Morocco’s Ennahachi retained his Enfusion 60kg Title with an emphatic first round knockout of the young Thai. A flurry of punches knocked Fairtex down, and Ennahachi kept the pressure on until the referee issued an eight count. Ennahaci kept up the pressure and the fight was stopped. Official time was 1:40.

Levi Rigters KO2 Bruno Susano (Heavyweights)
This was the Enfusion debut for the young Rigters. Rigters is the much bigger fighter, and his power had Susano on the defensive early. Rigters scored a knockdown with a right hand, but was knocked down by a Susano left hook when he tried to follow up. In the second, Rigters finished off his smaller opponent with a couple of knees followed by some punches. Susano hit the deck and was unable to continue. Rigters improves to 27-2-2(13). Susano is now 91-21(35).

Imad Assli WD3 Tomoyuki (72.5 kg)
In the opener, Assli won a one sided decision over the tough Tomoyuki.

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