Enfusion 62 Results: Turkish Turbine Too Much for Souwer

Tayfun Ozcan KO4 Andy Souwer (Retains Enfusion 72.5kg Title)
Ozcan’s precision and power were too much for the legend. Souwer started off trying to use movement, but as he got the worse of the action, tried to press forward. Ozcan knocked Souwer back with a right hand in the first, and again hurt him with punches in the second. Whenever they exchanged punches, it was the Turk who got the better of the action. Ozcan was also able to score with some nice low kicks and push kicks. In the fourth, Ozcan backed up Souwer with a couple of low kicks. Souwer came in with a left hook, but Ozcan timed a looping right that caught Souwer and dropped him face first to the canvas. It was a brutal ending. A very impressive performance for Ozcan.

Nordin Ben Moh WD3 Albert Kraus72.5kg
The younger and quicker Ben Moh was too sharp for Kraus, now 37 and the first ever K-1 Max champion. Ben Moh kept his guard high, and landed some nice leg kicks and punches. Ben Moh stunned Kraus near the end of the first round with punches, and tagged Kraus with a good left hook to the body in the second. Kraus landed some good body punches in the third. Kraus is now 80-21-3, while Ben Moh improves to an impressive 79-5-1(49).

Soufine Kaddouri WD3 Baris Karabas 63kg
Kaddouri landed hooks, knees, and even a high kick but couldn’t knock down the tough Karabas. Karabas pressed the action throughout, and Kaddouri kept his guard tight and connected with punches and knees. Karabas was able to land his own shots here and there, but Kaddouri landed more and cleaner shots. Kaddouri improves to 28-4(14).

Ismael Benali KO1 Engin Kutuk 70kg
Benali stunned Kutuk early with a left hook, and controlled the fight before stopping Kutuk with a beautiful punch combination. Benali threw a jab followed by a right that landed, and a follow up left hook had Kutuk in trouble before a right hand finished him. Kutuk’s corner threw the towel in during the count and the bout was waved off. Benali’s record improves to 33-1-2(12. Kutuk is 19-6(9)

Bilal Loukili KO1 Moreno Monti 72.5kg
The fight started with a good pace, and Loukili threw a left hook downstairs then grabbed Monti’s head and brought a knee upstairs to score the stoppage win. Monti went down and got up but the fight was called by the ref. Loukili is an impressive 29-2-2(7) and only 19 years of age.

Youssef El Haji UD3 Khalid El Moukadam
El Haji showed good defensive skills and landed some solid knees and punches in winning the decision over El Moukadam. El Haji was the taller fighter, and used a tight guard and head movement to block and make El Moukadam miss. El Moukadam did better later in the fight as he picked up his output, but El Haji landed the cleaner blows and outscored El Moukadam. Youssef improves to 23-3, Moukadam is 25-48).

Redouan Laarkoubi WD5 Nordin Van Roosmalen Enfusion 75kg Title
Laarkoubi prevailed over fellow Netherlands fighter Van Roosmalen in a tough give and take battle to earn the vacant Enfusion 75kg title. Down the stretch, Laarkoubi was the more active fighter to get the win. Laarkoubi is now 32-2(9). Van Roosmalen suffered only his second loss in 71 fights.

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