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Catalin Morosanu brought big time kickboxing back to Romania with his Dynamite Fighting Show event Thursday. A large crowd turned out to see the event, which was broadcast in over 40 countries on FightBox HD. In the main event, “Carpathian Death” Morosanu punched his way to a well deserved decision over K-1 veteran Freddy Kemayo. Benjamin Adegbuyi, the top Glory heavyweight contender, remained unbeaten in boxing with a first round win over Aleksandr Lepsveridze.

Catalin Morosanu (ROM) def. Freddy Kemayo (FRA)-Unanimous Decision Heavyweights
Morosanu went on the attack early, as is his custom. The hard hitting Romanian landed a couple of good right hooks and also some hard body shots. Freddy absorbed the shots well, and by the end of the round was coming forward. Trainer Mike Passenier was telling Freddy Morosanu was tired in between rounds. Freddy continued to take the fight to Morosanu, but ate some good punches. Kemayo looked to land punches and score with knees on the shorter Morosanu, who was tiring. Morosanu continued to land the better shots and Freddy started to tire also in round three. A right hook seemed to stun Freddy late in the third, and Morosanu’s follow up punches brought cheers from the crowd. It was a clear win for Morosanu, who looked in better shape than his fight last year for SK. Morosanu is now 44-9(25). Freddy is 70-1-27(48).

Freddy defeated Morosanu by KO in the first fight between the two rivals. Morosanu avenged the defeat with a points win over Kemayo. Now, Morosanu has defeated Kemayo in their trilogy bout.

Benjamin Adegbuyi (ROM) def. Aleksandr Lepsveridze (GEO)-KO1 Heavyweight boxing match
Benny came out pawing with the jab to set up body shots. A left hook downstairs hurt the Georgian, and a right hand upstairs dropped Lepsveridze. Lepsveridze was still hurting from the body shot and took the count. Adegbuyi improves to 3-0 in boxing.

Ion Pascu (ROM) def. “Mad” Max Zaplitni (MDA)-Unanimous Decision 85kg
Southpaw Pascu kept the pressure on Zaplitni, but couldn’t put away the tough Moldovan. Pascu landed some good punches, and blocked or parried a lot of Zaplitni’s shots. In the third, Zaplitni was tired and looked stunned from a couple of Pascu punches but lasted the distance. Pascu improves to 12-1(3) with the win.

Sebastian Cozmanca (ROM) def. Gordon Haupt (GER)- KO1 Heavyweights
Cozmanca was too much for his German opponent. He hurt Haupt with a left hand to the body that led to an eight count. A right high kick finished off the German shortly after. Cozmanca ups his record to 13-3(7). Haupt is now 20-1-10.

Cristian Ristea (ROM) def. Miroslav Vujocic (SER)-Split Decision Heavyweights
Ristea won a close decision over Vujocic in a slow-paced heavyweight battle. Ristea pushed the action against the defensive-minded Vujocic, and the Serbian fighter didn’t offer much offense until round three.

Amansio Paraschiv (ROM) def. Waldemar Wiebe (GER)-Stoppage By Cut Round 3 75kg
Paraschiv got the better of Wiebe, and knocked the German down with a spinning back fist in the third round. The two fighters clashed heads and Wiebe was cut on the scalp. The cut looked deep, and the referee waved off the bout. Paraschiv improves to 30-1-6. Wiebe’s record now stands at 25-1-13(5).

Bogdan Nastase (ROM) def. Janu da Cruz (POR/POL)- KO2 85kg
Former shepherd Nastase was too strong for “Hannibal”, finishing the tough da Cruz in round two. The fighters traded in round one, with Nastase landing some good right hands that stunned da Cruz. Nastase kept up the pressure in round two. Twice, he knocked down da Cruz with punches. After the second knockdown, referee Cezar halted the contest. The popular Nastase improves to 12-5(3). da Cruz is now 24-1-15(13).

Claudiu Badoi (ROM) def. Cezar Buzdugan (ROM)-unanimous decision 75kg
The bout started at a good pace. Badoi knocked Buzdugan down with a right hand, and later in the round knocked him down with a left. The shorter Badoi kept his distance, and landed some good shots on Buzdugan, who pressed the action. Badoi improves to 58-6(27). Buzdugan is now 25-6(13).

Catalin Mocanu (ROM) def. Edar Ismailov (UKR)-decision Kyokushin Karate Match
Popular karateka Mocanu defeated the tough Ismailov in a kyokushin karate bout.

Alexandru Radnev (ROM) def. Raul Manoila (ROM)-TKO 105kg
Manoila got off to a good start. The taller and younger Manoila rocked Radnev in round one with punches and the ref gave Radnev two eight counts. In round two, Manoila began to tire and the crowd cheered as the tough Radnev battled back. Radnev was the stronger fighter in round three, and it looked like an exhausted Manoila was a punch or two from falling down. An extra round was called for but Manoila was unable to continue due to a busted nose. Radnev remains unbeaten at 6-0(4). Manoila evens out at 2-2(1).

Madalin Mogos (ROM) def. Costin Mincu (ROM)-decision 85kg
Mogos was able to land some solid punches on the taller Mincu, and knocked him down in the first round with a right after blocking a knee. Mincu had his best round in round three, landing a foot to the face and a solid low kick. Mogos did more damage in the bout with his punches and earned the win. Mogos improves to 11-4(5). Mincu is now 7-3(6).

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