DSF Kickboxing Challenge 14 Feature Bout Results

Marcin Rozalski WD3 Peter Graham
Rozalski returned to kickboxing after competing in Polish MMA organization KSW the last few years. Graham defeated Rozalski in an MMA bout so Rozalski had the chance to even the score. Graham is a K-1 veteran who also has focused on MMA in recent years.

The fight was evenly matched. Graham started to get the edge in the second round, but Rozalski knocked him down with a high kick set up by punches. In the third, Rozalski waited for “The Chief” to throw and then countered. Graham landed some good body shots as Rozalski kept his guard high. Rozalski was the fresher fighter down the stretch, and won the decision. Graham was a late replacement for the injured Jerome Le Banner. Le Banner was at the event and did an interview for the broadcast.

Piotr Romankevich KO3 Dawid Zoltaszek (Retains DSF Heavyweight Title)
Romankevich employed a hit and move strategy early as Zoltaszek tried to walk him down. Romankevich’s leg kicks started to do damage in the second round, as Zoltaszek’s movement was clearly affected and he grimaced after one landed cleanly. After Romankevich threw a low kick in the third, Zoltaszek moved in and ate a head kick that dropped him. Romankevich mixed up his strikes as he tried to finish off Zoltaszek, throwing body hooks, a knee and other strikes. A right head kick knocked Zoltaszek down again and he was counted out. The Belorussian champion jumped onto the ring turnbuckle in joy after scoring the knockout win.

Kamil Ruta UD3 Yohan Lidon
Ruta upped his record to 12-1 with a unanimous points win over French veteran Lidon. Lidon pressed the action, and scored well with body kicks. The taller Ruta used his footwork to keep distance and mixed his punches and kicks nicely. All three judges scored the bout 30-28 for the Polish fighter. One of the commentators disagreed strongly with the decision, saying “no way Kamil Ruta had 10 points in every round.”.

Daniel Omielanczuk UD3 Niko Falin (Heavyweights)
UFC veteran Omielanczuk, who fought a MMA bout just three weeks ago, had a good showing against Germany’s Falin. The Polish fighter worked the inside low kick and body kick early, as the two fighters sized each other up. Falin waited for Omielanczuk to lead. A couple of Omielanczuk left hands knocked back the smaller Falin. Omielanczuk shook Falin with another left hand in the second. Falin came forward more in the last round, but Omielanczuk landed the better and more powerful shots. Omielanczuk was issued a yellow card in the last round for pushing Falins’ head down. All three judges scored the bout 30-27 for Daniel Omielanczuk.

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