DSF Challenge 21: Recap and Results (By Pawel Sawicki)

Kamil Jenel receives championship belt

DSF Kickboxing Challenge 21 took place last Saturday in Myslowice, Poland.

The event featured an 81 kg title contest, as well as DSF Heavyweight Tournament Quarterfinal bouts and ranking matches.

Respected fight journalist and DSF commentator Pawel Sawicki called the action at ringside, and here is his recap and official results.

DSF Kickboxing Challenge 21 Recap by Pawel Sawicki

Saturday, March 30 in Myslowice, Poland, DSF Kickboxing Challenge held their 21st show. The leading kickboxing promotion in Poland organized 8 fights, including two DSF Heavyweight tournament quarterfinals. DSF 81 kg champion Kamil Jenel (28-5) beat Frenchman Yohan Lidon (137-37) to defend his belt in the main event.

Kamil Jenel is a former Benelux champion and Enfusion veteran. He returned to Poland about 5 years ago, and fights for the biggest Polish kickboxing promotion.

Jenel used his footwork and combinations to neutralize Lidon’s style. The judges scored the bout 50-48, 50-47, and 50-46 in Jenel’s favor.

The Pole said after the fight he fought with a knee injury and needs surgery. It was Jenel’s 4th title defense, and 14th win in row.

Ronkiewicz Defeats UFC Veteran
Wroclaw’s own Michal Ronkiewicz (6-6) defeated former KSW champion and WEC/UFC veteran, Maciej ‘Irokez’ Jewtuszko (2-1) via unanimous decision.

It was a tough fight for Ronkiewicz, who put pressure on Jewtuszko, and tried to score with high kicks and punches. Jewtuszko tried to keep distance and it worked. Ronkiewicz scored more clean punches and kicks so the judges gave him the win. All three judges scored the bout 30-28 for the winner.

Turynski, Shatalov Advance in DSF Heavyweight Tournament
Glory and King of Kings veteran Michal Turynski (28-12) made quick work of Enfusion veteran Ivan Bartek (35-10-3).

The Wroclaw native landed a big right hand that knocked Slovakia’s Bartek down. Turynski landed a flying knee right after the count, and Bartek fell to the canvas. It was a huge KO by Turynski, and the third time in DSF he ended a fight via stoppage. Turynski advances to a semifinal bout against Danil Shatalov in Moscow in June.
Shatalov (8-5-2) scored a win against the very flexible and unorthodox Czech, Georgij Fibich (25-4). The St. Petersburg fighter used his boxing skills to neutralize Fibich’s spinning techniques.

The Russian worked his knees very well, but fought with an injury. Shatalov took a knee from Fibich which caused a lot of pain in his chest. He survived, and scored a win. Judges scores were unanimously 30-28, 30-2,and 29-28 for the Russian, who advances to the semifinals.

Controversy in Ladies Ranking Match
A lot of controversy in the fight between multiple-time WAKO amateur champion Iwona Nieroda (15-1) and WAKO amateur junior world champion Ewa Pietrzykowska (2-0). Both had their moments, but the judges did not declare a winner after three rounds, and we witnessed the extra round.

Pietrzykowska convinced two of three judges to give her credit after the extra round, and made a big surprise. Nieroda lost for the first time but it was very close, and a lot of people disagreed with the judges’ decision. We will probably see a rematch.

Other Results
Two young phenoms, Bartlomiej Domalik (3-4) and Alexey Lubchenko (18-5-1), met in the ring in the main card’s opening bout. Lubchenko, who is a younger brother of Igor Lubchenko, showed his experience and outpointed Domalik. The fight was a great pleasure to watch, as both showed outstanding technique and skill and received loud applause after the fight. Lubchenko won unanimously by scores of 29-28 (twice) and 30-28.

Kamil Jenel proteges Remigiusz Smolinski and Damian Pajak won their fights. Smolinski KO’ed Brice Kombou with a high kick in a surprise. There was some controversy because he landed a toe in Kombou’s eye during the high kick, and the Cameroonian fighter could not continue.

Pajak outpointed more-experienced Ukrainian Sergey Kravchenko in the opening bout.

Full results below.

Main event:
DSF Kickboxing Challenge championship fight
81 kg: Kamil Jenel (Poland) beats Yohan Lidon (France) via decision (50-48, 50-47, 50-46)

Co-main event:
75 kg: Michał Ronkiewicz (Poland) beats Maciej ‘Irokeza’ Jewtuszko (Poland) via decision (30-28, 30-28, 30-28)

DSF HW tournament quarterfinals:
+95 kg: Michał Turyński (Poland) beats Ivan Bartek (Slovakia) via KO (flying knee) in the very first round
+95 kg: Danil Shatalov (Russia) beats Georgij Fibich (Czech Republic) via decision (30-28, 30-28, 29-28)

Main card:
-56 kg: Ewa Pietrzykowska (Palestra Warszawa) beats Iwona Nieroda (Poland) via split decision after extra round
-91 kg: Remigiusz Smoliński (Poland) pokonał Brice’a Kombou (Cameroon) via KO (high kick) in the very first round
81 kg: Alexey Lyubchenko (Ukraine) beats Bartłomiej Domalik (Poland) via decision (30-28, 29-28, 29-28)

75 kg: Damian Pająk (Poland) beats Sergey Kravchenko (Ukraine) via decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-28)

Kamil Jenel Photo Courtesy of DSF Kickboxing Challenge

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