“Dracula” Backs Referee Schmidt

Former Enfusion 80 kg World Champion Vladimir “Dracula” Moravcik showed his support for embattled referee Igor Schmidt in a social media post yesterday.

Referee Schmidt was criticized for his performance in the aftermath of Moravick’s fourth-round stoppage defeat to challenger Robin Ciric on 27 April at Enfusion 83 in Slovakia.

Early in the fourth round, Ciric stunned Moravcik with a knee and followed with a right punch that dropped the veteran.

Moravcik was wobbly when he arose, but the referee allowed the fight to continue.

Ciric knocked down the former champion again, and Moravcik was on the canvas for a couple of minutes as a precaution.

Schmidt was criticized by the commentator and also fans online because he failed to halt the bout after the first knockdown.

Moravcik acknowledged the fight should have been stopped after the first knockdown, but stated Schmidt is a good and experienced referee.

“Yes it is, but we are only people who make mistakes. Igor is a experienced and a good referee and a mistake can make everyone. I’ve known myself with Igor 18 years as I started to fight and I thought his intention wasn’t to hurt me somehow. What happened, Igor is a good guy and I believe that this moment will not discourage him from his arbitration career,” Moravcik wrote in a Facebook post. (Translated)

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