Cristina Morales: “The Work of So Long Paid Off”

Fernando Arturo Contreras of Spanish-language kickboxing news site Patada Alta caught up with Spain’s Cristina Morales, the reigning ISKA 48 KG and Enfusion 52 KG World Champion.

Morales scored a huge win recently when she defeated teenage Dutch sensation Georgina van der Linden by decision to win the Enfusion title.

van der Linden moved down in weight from 57 kg to face Morales, while the Spaniard moved up 4 kg for the battle of champions.

Morales was the aggressor and did better as the bout wore on to get the win.

She talked to Contreras about the victory, balancing being a mother with training, and other topics.

The interview was edited, and is reproduced with written permission from Patada Alta.

On Defeating Georgina
The main difficulty was to gain weight in two months. We wanted to gain strength, and with an adapted diet. I have photos of plates of food with a weight 750 gr. I finished a meal and I was almost preparing the next one. I gained 3,5 real kg, because I don’t do diet to give the weight of 48kg.

We thought she was a strong rival because she has 112 fights and only 2 losses. We didn’t have an easy fight, but we were going to win it. And so it was. We pulled our strength, physical endurance, and as the rounds passed I felt better physically and noticed how my blows hurt.

On Winning the ISKA and Enfusion Titles
It has been a year in which the work of so long ago has paid off. We have been dedicating ourselves to contact sport for 10 years, and in March we were presented with the opportunity to be a candidate for the ISKA professional world title in -48 kg.

We were notified 15 days in advance. and we accepted because our natural weight was 49 kg and we could not miss that opportunity. We can say that luck caught us working and we managed to bring that desired title to Spain.

In September, we organized the first defense in our land thanks to the involvement of my town, Encinarejo de Córdoba, and all the businesses in the area that collaborated with the high costs that this entails.

In November, we tried to gain weight to 52 kg to aspire to the title of the world ENFUSION, a challenge that we managed to bring to Spain.

And to end the year, we will play in Japan the first women’s tournament of the prestigious K-1 World Max event, a dream fulfilled by just participating there.

On Her Training
I cannot dedicate myself exclusively to sport because I have obligations that I cannot leave abandoned, but I manage my time well to combine work, studies and parenting of my two children.

Currently, I combine my kick boxing training with my work in the gym that I manage with my partner. I continue my training as a sports psychologist and I only do small jobs in this area due to the shortage of time.

Our kick boxing/k1 training starts at 11:30 and lasts approximately one and a half hours, depending on the task of the day.

Three days a week after this session, I train explosive force with the physical trainer for an hour and a half. And those same days in the afternoon, after giving classes to the little ones, I do the third kick boxing/k1 training session.

During the 10 years of training I have only had two partners in training. One is my partner when I studied in Granada, Estrella, and another my current partner, Anta Sanchez, who in a short time has reached a very high level and is having great results in professional.

On Kickboxing’s Popularity in Spain
It is clear that it is growing at an abysmal level in our country, and in the 10 years that I have been linked to this sport there have been important changes. Hopefully, it will continue to grow and all of us will support both our athletes and the events that are organized here, because it is the only way that we get the recognition that this sport deserves.

On Training With Top Spanish Fighters Jorge Varela and Alex Rivas
I’m lucky to be in a great team, not only because there are great athletes but also great people who are for everything.

Our coach, Jesús Cabello, and his daily involvement with us is very much to credit for this.

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