Colosseum Tournament XVII: Results

Colosseum Tournament, one of Romania’s top kickboxing organizations, held its latest event Sunday in Bucharest.

It was an exciting night of kickboxing action with plenty of knockouts and some fiercely contested battles.

Romanian legend Alexandru Lungu scored another big KO win, while Colosseum Tournament champion Cosmin Ionescu also prevailed by early knockout.

Full results from the broadcast below.

-61 kg: Iulian Marinescu def. Aurel Ghita-Unanimous Decision
Youngsters Marinescu (1-0) and Ghita (1-1) engaged in a spirited battle in the opener.

The bout started quickly with the fighters trading shots, much to the delight of the lively crowd.

Marinescu took control, scoring with low kicks regularly.

In the second round, Marinescu continued to score with hard shots, as Ghita was visibly tired.

Marinescu landed some hard body kicks and punches, and even a kick or two to the face, but Ghita hung in there and looked to land a knee on his shorter opponent. Marinescu’s corner urged him to attack and finish.

All three judges scored the bout for Marienscu after three hard-fought rounds.

-67 kg: Razvan Mustata def. Cristian Oprica-TKO Round 1 (Injury)
Oprica (4-2, 4 KOs) switched between stances and landed a couple of shots, but Mustata (4-3) landed the harder blows during an exchange. Mustata’s power advantage gave him the edge in round one. Oprica motioned he hurt his shoulder during the round, and between rounds medical staff visited his corner. Oprica said he couldn’t continue and the bout was stopped.

-72.5 kg: Alexandru Voicu def. Andrei Serban-TKO Round 3
Voicu (11-3-1, 3 KOs) put on a dominant performance against the courageous Serban (4-4, 1 KO), scoring two eight-counts and bloodying his opponent before the referee stopped the bout late in the third round.

Voicu landed a couple of good punches on the shorter Serban during an early exchange. He then scored an eight-count after landing a hard knee to the body followed by a punch.

Voicu controlled round two with his movement and boxing, scoring with one-two combinations and lead left hooks. He continued to batter Serban in round three-Serban was bleeding from a cut above his left eye and also his nose. Serban received another eight count after being wobbled by a left hook and the fight was halted.

-65 kg: Silviu Ionescu def. David Constantin-Unanimous Decision
Ionescu (1-1) put on an impressive performance to earn his first professional victory against the game Constantin (4-4, 1 KO).

Ionescu mixed his combinations nicely, with punches to the head and body and finishing with low kicks. Constantin tried to walk Ionescu down, but he was picked off with punches.

With the bout well in hand, Ionescu began to showboat in the third round and Constantin banged him with a hard low kick. All three judges scored the bout for Ionescu.

-81 kg: Costin Dincu def. Alexandru Stan-TKO Round 1 (Low Kicks)
Dincu improved to 10-1 (6 KOs) with an early stoppage caused by heavy low kicks. Stan (2-5) wasn’t able to defend the incoming low kicks, and was knocked down three times forcing an automatic TKO stoppage.

-86 kg: Dragos Imbrea def. Daniel Scripcaru-TKO Round 2
Scripcaru (1-2) tried to fend off the bigger and more powerful Imbrea (11-3, 6 KOs) but was trapped in a corner and received an eight count. Imbrea continued to pressure the tough Scripcaru. In round two, Imbrea scored two more eight counts on Scripcaru with punches, before he finished him with a right hand that knocked him on his back for the automatic stoppage.

-81 kg: Adelin Mihaila def. Tiberiu Iote-Unanimous Decision
Mihaila won a unanimous verdict over Iote in a great back-and-forth battle.

Iote (10-3, 6 KOs), a southpaw, had the edge in round one, as he landed hard punches. Mihaila (17-6, 9 KOs) felt the effects, with a trickle of blood above the left eye turning into a cut.

In round two, Mihaila turned the tables. A counter right hand during an exchange dropped Iote for the first time. He went down from a left hook counter later.

Iote continued to come forward and was more active with his punches, but Mihaila’s counters carried more force and he won the unanimous decision.

Mihaila received the Best Fighter of the Night award for his courageous and powerful performance.

-75 kg: Marian Dinu def. Alin Cimpan-Split Decision
Dinu (14-5-1, 7 KOs) pressured and outscored the taller Cimpan (22-9, 9 KOs) to earn the split decision victory. Cimpan received a point deduction in round two.

-71 kg: Andrei Ostrovanu (Romania) def. Nonni Issouf (Burkina Faso)-TKO Round 2 (Corner Stoppage)
Issouf (7-2, 1 KO), a southpaw, pawed with his right hand early and looked to land low or body kicks. Ostrovanu (35-5-1, 20 KOs) was cautious early before throwing a flurry near the round’s end.

In round two, Ostrovanu’s superior firepower took over. He landed a knee that stunned Issouf, and followed up with a flurry including a nasty left hook to the body that landed. Issouf, bleeding from his nose, took the count on his knees before the towel came in from his corner.

-91 kg: Cosmin Ionescu def. Robert Burtea-KO ROUND 1 (High Kick)
Ionescu (18-3, 13 KOs) is the reigning Colosseum Tournament -86 kg titleholder. He fought in a higher weight category against Burtea (2-2, 1 KO), who was outgunned from the opening bell.

Ionescu quickly scored a couple of eight counts on Burtea before ending the fight with a high kick that floored Burtea. Fortunately, Burtea seemed okay after the bout.

+95 kg: Alexandru Lungu (Romania) def. Bradosti Bradost (United Kingdom)-KO Round 1
Romanian legend Lungu enjoyed both height (5 cm) and weight (62 kg) advantages on his British adversary. Bradost’s cornerman looked concerned in the corner moments before the bout began.

The fight was brief and dominated by the Romanian giant, nicknamed “Bihor Mountain”.

Lungu got into range and knocked down Bradost twice with punches early in the round. He then finished the bout with a big right hand that crashed the Brit to the canvas.

Sunday’s event was broadcast on Digi Sport in Romania and FightBox HD internationally.

Daniel”Double Duty” Austin called the action from ringside for FightBox, and also served as the English-language ring announcer. Camelia Baltoi was the Romanian-language ring announcer.

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