Colosseum Tournament IX Results: Ghita Derails “BH Machine”

Ghita vs Poturak Poster

Daniel Ghita def. Dzevad Poturak-TKO Round 1 (Low Kicks)

Daniel Ghita is back.

Before a large crowd in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, “The Savage Samurai” made a triumphant return after a four-year layoff, tenderizing Dzevad Poturak’s leg with low kicks to win by first round TKO. The event was broadcast internationally on FightBox HD.

Bosnian veteran Poturak tried to keep the fight on the inside against the bigger Ghita. Ghita threw a couple of hard body kicks with the left leg, and a couple of punch combos. It was the low kicks that led to Poturak’s demise. After absorbing a few to the leg, Poturak walked away in pain and the towel was thrown in.

Ghita thanked the promoters and fans in his post fight speech which was given in Romanian. Poturak also thanked the Romanian fans, and “The BH Machine” was also cheered after his post fight speech.

Ghita improved to 51-0-11 with the win. The question is now who is next? Fans are clamoring to see the Romanian knockout artist fight some of the heavyweight division’s biggest names, and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for the exciting and popular Ghita.

-65 kg: Adrian Maxim (ROU) def. Dmitri Sirbu (MDA)-Unanimous Decision
Sirbu built an early advantage, using movement and keeping the fight at range as Maxim looked to get close. Maxim had better success in round two, landing some good punches late in round two. In round three, there was some good action, and Maxim dropped Sirbu late in the round with a big right hand. The knockdown gave Maxim the victory. Sirbu, nicknamed “The Moldovan McGregor” for his resemblance to the Irish MMA superstar, is now 8-0-4.

-75 kg: Eduard Chelariu (ROU) def. Mihai Laurentiu Negru (ROU)-Unanimous Decision
Chelariu was too much for Negru, and improved his ledger to 14-0-3(2). Laurentiu Negru evens out at 3-0-3.

-91 kg: Cosmin Ionescu (ROU) def. Stefan Veber (ROU)-TKO Round 2 (Low Kicks)
Ionescu gave MMA fighter Veber a nasty welcome to the sport of kickboxing, devastating the debuting fighter with low kicks. Ionescu landed a number of clean low kicks to Veber’s lead left leg, and Veber hunched over late in round one for an eight count. Ionescu came out fast in round two and another eight count was called, before the fight was eventually halted after Veber went down in pain from damage done from low kicks. Ionescu improves to 15-0-3(10).

-65 kg: Andrei Pisari (ROU) DRAW Ionut Popa (ROU)
Good action fight. It seemed Pisari deserved the win with harder shots and ring generalship, but Popa was the aggressor and came forward and ripped the body. Perhaps the judges liked Popa’s aggression, and a rematch seems a natural because the bout was entertaining and the scoring was controversial. Pisari is now 16-1-1. Popa is 7-1-1.

+95 kg: Iounut Iancu (ROU) def. Dumitru Topai (ROU)-Unanimous Decision
Iancu prevailed in a heavyweight slugfest, knocking down the smaller Topai in the final round. Topai landed a number of clean punches on the bigger Iancu, who took the punches well and kept coming. Iancu landed some solid shots of his own. Late in round three, Iancu connected with a strong right hand during an exchange, and a fading Topai went down. He got up, and Iancu connected with some more shots, leading to a second count. The bell sounded after the second eight count, and Iancu’s big third round earned him the win.

-75 kg: Nino Pattvean (ROU) def. Alexandru Curcudel (ROU)-TKO Round 1 (Doctor Stoppage)
Pattvean walked down Curcudel early, throwing a nice punch combination and ending with a low kick. A jump knee landed on Curcudel, and he was cut above the right eye. The doctor took a look and the bout was stopped because of the cut. Short night for Pattvean, who fights out of the Respect Gym.

-66 kg: Daniel Corbeanu (ROU) def. Serghei Zanosiev (MDA)-KO Round 4 (High Kick)
Tough veteran Corbeanu spoiled Zanosiev’s unbeaten record, defeating the young Moldovan with a thudding high kick in the extra round. Zanosiev used a hit and move strategy, while Corbeanu pressured. Corbeanu had a better third round, and the extra round was called. Corbeanu caught the young fighter with a well-placed high kick and he went down flat on his back. Corbeanu improves to 39-1-9(24). Zanosiev, who trains with the Stoica Brothers Gym, is now 2-1.

-72 kg: Andrei Verde (ROU) def. Bogdan Suru (ROU)-Split Decision
The taller Verde used his height and reach effectively to win a decision over Suru. Verde came out throwing push kicks and jabs to establish distance, and controlled all three rounds, getting the better of the exchanges. Verde improves to 15-1-8. Suru is now 8-2-6.

-78 kg: Flavius Boiciuc (ROU) def. Cristian Stoica (ROU)-Unanimous Decision
Southpaw Boiciuc used a body attack to win a wide points victory over Stoica. A knee to the body dropped Stoica in round one, and a body kick appeared to set up a second eight count in round two. Stoica looked for a big technique to turn the fight around but couldn’t land anything big, and Boiciuc’s body shots were visibly affecting him late in the fight. Boiciuc improves to 21-0-7. Stoica suffers his fourth loss, and his ledger now stands at 16-0-4.

-67 kg: Alexandru Marton (ROU) def. Adrian Baciu (ROU)-Split Decision
Marton got the decision over Baciu in the opener. Marton threw in combination and earned the win by outscoring Baciu.

Daniel “Double Duty” Austin was the ring announcer, and he also called the action for FightBox HD along with Alexandru Ganci.

Colosseum Tournament has another event scheduled before the end of the year.

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