Colosseum: “Tornado Kid” Returns in May

Colosseum Tournament

Romanian promotion Colosseum Tournament announced Eduard “Tornado Kid” Gafencu will compete on the next Colosseum event, scheduled for 9 May in Arad, Romania.

The unbeaten Gafencu (10-0) is the reigning Colosseum -81 kg champion, and his tornado kick knockout against Thomas Doeve last month “went viral”, which resulted in the kick being seen all around the world.

The 26-year-old fighter’s kick attracted attention as far away as Vietnam, according to an article posted by a Romanian media outlet.

According to the article, Gaufencu began kickboxing as a teenager. He trained until his early 20’s, and then took a break from the sport before getting back into kickboxing a couple of years ago.

He’s now a leading candidate for 2019 Knockout of the Year, and his tornado kick has been viewed by thousands if not millions of fans around the world.

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