Catalin Morosanu Accepts Challenge From Daniel Ghita

Morosanu Post Fight

Update: Ghita has responded and stated he won’t fight Morosanu in a Dynamite Fighting Show event. Ghita is requesting “a neutral competition”. (Morosanu is involved with the Dynamite Fighting Championship).

Catalin Morosanu today announced he has accepted a challenge from Daniel Ghita for a highly anticipated match between the two Roman heavyweight kickboxing stars.

Ghita, of course, issued a challenge to Morosanu shortly after Ghita won his comeback bout against Dzevad Poturak last Monday at Colosseum Tournament IX. Ghita made quick work of Poturak in his first fight in four years, dispatching the Bosnian veteran with some nasty leg kicks.

However, Morosanu has attached a couple of conditions to his agreement for a fight with Ghita.

Dynamite Fighting Show, the promotion Morosanu is involved with, must be the bout’s promoter, according to Morosanu’s statement. Morosanu suggested the fight take place in a football (soccer) stadium and take place in the summer when soccer is not in season. He also stated that Ghita must be willing to “accept a reasonable amount”.

It will be interesting to see if Ghita is willing to fight Morosanu on a Dynamite Show. Ghita is currently fighting under the Colosseum Tournament banner, and they may insist on a co-promotion. It also remains to be seen if the camps can agree on a revenue split. Morosanu is the more popular fighter in Romania, and will naturally demand a bigger share of the pie.

Morosanu’s post is below:

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