Canadian Province to Allow Pro Kickboxing

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Kickboxers based in British Columbia, Canada will be able to compete in professional bouts in the province as soon as next year after a decision by the BC Athletic Commissioner to allow professional kickboxing.

While professional boxing and MMA and even amateur kickboxing are authorized by the BC Athletic Commission, professional kickboxing remains unsanctioned by the regulatory body, meaning pro kickboxers either have to compete in MMA or boxing or fight elsewhere.

That will soon change, after a press conference was held Tuesday in the city of Richmond to announce commissioner Kelly Gilday’s decision to ” authorize professional kickboxing”, according to a report by the CBC.

The commission is working on rules for pro kickboxing in British Columbia, and the Fraser Valley News reports “It is anticipated the professional matches may begin sometime next year after further regulatory details are finalized.”

GLORY lightweight contender Josh Jauncey is based in Vancouver, BC and is pleased by the decision to allow pro kickboxing in the province.

“With the ban on professional kickboxing lifted in B.C., I’ll finally be able to perform in front of my family, friends and career-long supporters,” Jauncey told the Richmond News.

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