BYB: New Event Delivers Blood and KOs

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The BYB bare-knuckle boxing promotion held its first event Friday in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Using a unique triangle-shaped cage (“The Trigon”) instead of a ring and longer rounds (3 minutes instead of the two used by some other leagues), “BYB Brawl 1: Brawl for It ALL” delivered plenty of blood and KOs.

Nearly all the bare knuckle boxing matches ended by TKO or KO, and the judges were only required once when an MMA bout ended early because of a competitor’s injury.

Dempsey Descendant Battles to No-Contest
Josh Gormley, the great-grandson of immortal boxing champion Jack Dempsey, didn’t get the win against MMA fighter Bobby Brents in the main event.

An unintentional eye poke left Brents unable to continue in the first round. The bout was declared a no-contest.

There was action while it lasted. The smaller Brents rushed Gormley after the bout started, and landed a couple of uppercuts that snapped Gormley’s head back. Gormley landed some hard shots to the MMA fighter’s midsection before the errant eye poke ended the contest.

Gormley after no-contest

Trujillo Wins Trilogy
In a battle between two fighters whose first bout was featured in the popular “Dawg Fight” documentary, Mike Trujillo won his trilogy bout with Alphonso “Chocolate” Frierson. Each fighter has a previous victory over the other, with last night’s bout the rubber match.

It was all Trujillo. He dominated his rival, and knocked him down twice before the fight was halted.

Mike Trujillo (Red) was too much for Frierson in their trilogy bout.

Delanoit Sparks Young
The co-main event ended with a dramatic one-punch KO.

Mark “MFD” Delanoit connected with a big right hand on Canadian kickboxer Jake “The Goon” Young that knocked Young unconscious on his way to the canvas. The whole fight lasted only 49 seconds, but delivered solid action while it lasted.

Delanoit Throws Right
Mark Delanoit connects with big punch on Jake Young

Other Results
In the sole female bout on the card, Christine Stanley was too much for Iraq war veteran Latoya Burton. Stanley mixed up her punching to the head and body nicely, and dropped Burton a couple of times before the fight was stopped in the second round. Burton had a nasty-looking hematoma over the left eye after the bout.

Leo Pla ruined the unbeaten record of local lad and champion Billy “The Kid” Martin.

Martin started the bout quickly, and even threw a couple of “Superman punches”.

Pla was able to weather the storm. He bobbed and weaved to make Martin miss and fired back. Pla bled from a cut on his scalp that was checked out by the doctor before the fight continued.

Pla knocked down Martin near the end of the round. Martin got up but Pla soon landed the coup de grace, a nasty body shot that dropped the previously undefeated Martin for the win.

The BYB event was broadcast internationally on pay-per-view.

Dhafir “Dada 5000” Harris, the bareknuckle fighter and promoter, is a partner in the promotion and was part of the broadcast team. MMA standout Din Thomas and former heavyweight champion Chris Byrd called the action, along with Dyrushio “Rusy” Harris.

Some of the action from the event will be included in the upcoming “Dawg Fight 2” documentary. Harris starred in the original “Dawg Fight”, which is a hit on NetFlix.

Harris will return to competition at BYB 2. BYB 2 will be officially announced at a later date.

“I feel that the game is missing critical pieces and I’m the answer,” Harris said in the official post-fight press release.

“I excited to fight once again and, trust me, I still have a lot to offer.”

05 April, 2019
BYB Brawl 1: Brawl for it All
Cheyenne Ice & Event Center, Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA
Broadcast: Satellite, Cable, Fite TV (Pay Per View)

-Heavyweights: Josh Gormley NO Contest Bobby Brents
-Welterweights: Matt Delanoit def. Jake Young (Canada)-KO Round 1
-Light Heavyweights: Leo Pla def. Billy Martin-KO Round 1 (Body Shot)
-Heavyweights (MMA): Jamelle Jones def. Matt Kovacs-Submission Round 1 (Choke)
-Female Bantamweight: Christine Stanley def. Latoya Burton-TKO Round 2
-Cruiserweight: Joey Angelo def. Joseph Guillen-TKO Round 1
-Heavyweight (MMA): Jermayne Barnes def. Lamar Cannady-Foster-Technical Decision (Unanimous)
-Middleweight: Mike Trujillo def. Alphonso Frierson-KO Round 1
-Cruiserweight: Lorenzo Hunt def. Robert Brown, Jr.-KO Round 3
-Welterweight: John Michael Escoboza def. Brian Jackson-KO Round 2 (Body Shot)
-Bantamweight: Albert Martinez def. Robert Fletcher-TKO Round 1


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