Buakaw Returns at MAS Fight Cambodia

Muay Thai legend and two-time K-1 World Max winner Buakaw Banchamek will return to the ring on 27 October at the MAS Fight event in Cambodia. MAS Fight made the announcement today.

Banchamek, who has been out of the ring since March, faces Chinese fighter Yuan Bin in a rematch. Buakaw defeated Yuan by decision in a Muay Thai bout back in 2015.

The rematch will be held under MAS Fight rules, which means a fighter can only win by KO. If neither fighter scores a KO after the single nine-minute round, the bout is automatically a draw. Elbows, knees, and also standing submissions are permitted under MAS Fight rules.

Originally, Banchamek was supposed to face another Chinese fighter Yi Long in “The Rematch of the Century” next month, but apparently Yi was injured and the fight is off.

It’s Buakaw’s first ever match in Cambodia.

Today’s announcement was the first bout officially added to the MAS Fight Kun Khmer event, with the Martialism Square (MAS Fight) organization promising “more news coming up”.

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