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Glory distributed a press release today that featured quotes from Badr Hari and Hesdy Gerges ahead of Saturday’s big event in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The two fighters face off at Glory 51 almost eight years after their wild bout in May 2010 when Hari was disqualified for kicking a downed opponent. Read on to see Badr’s thoughts on a few different topics.

On his motivation heading into the fight:
“I want to win fans again. I want to have more fans. I want to be the people’s champ. I want people to recognize, I want people to believe and see that I’m the best. That’s motivation. Making people happy.”

On the perception that he has changed:
“People connect change with something not good. I don’t think I’ve changed. I just think I’ve gotten smarter. I’ve been the bad guy for a long time; maybe it’s time to switch the style up…

…or maybe not.”

On a potential boxing superfights with Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua:
“Deontay is an amazing athlete. Joshua is an amazing athlete. But we’re still fighters and I would fight any of them whenever and wherever.

Why should I jump to boxing though? Let them come to kickboxing. I have the best sport ever. I think kickboxing is the most amazing sport in the world. It’s better than [MMA], it’s better than boxing, it’s better than all those other guys. Why should I go see what they do? Let them come see what we do. Kickboxing is the number one fighting sport in the world.”

On who is the best fighter aside from Badr Hari:
“It’s just me.”

✒ Fight -2 days #glory51

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