Road to Glory 3 Results: Diedrick Wins Glory Contract

Road to Glory 3 Poster

Dean Sugden and Suggy’s Gym promoted another Road to Glory qualifier Saturday in Grantham, United Kingdom.

Amari Diedrick earned a multi-fight Glory contract and a £2000 cash prize, winning the eight man tournament.

Fraser Weightman, a Glory 54 and King of Kings veteran, prevailed in his 95 kg super fight against Shaun Forde of Wales. Weightman stopped his opponent in the first round.

William Goldie-Galloway beat Joe Himsworth by unanimous decision in a 70 kg super fight. Dean Pattinson won a 77 kg super fight by decision also against Adam Hadfield.

Here are the results.

-58 kg: Blayne Armitage def. Adrian Brian -TKO Round 1
-55 kg: Megan Williams def. Jessica Carrington-Unanimous Decision
-77 kg: Nathan Riddle def. Ben Hubball-TKO Round 3
-65 kg: Matt Gordon def. Sami Salem-TKO Round 1
-70 kg: Alexandru Curcudel def. Nicolae Pirogan-Unanimous Decision

Main Card
-85 kg: Quarterfinal 1/4 Jordan Smith vs Reece Rowell-Smith Advances Because of Rowell Withdrawal
-85 kg: Quarterfinal 2/4 Ammari Diedrick def. Louis King-TKO Round 1
-85 kg: Quarterfinal 3/4 Darren Anstey def. Scott Cocking-TKO Round 1
-85 kg: Quarterfinal 4/4 Colin Murphy def. Romelleo Da Silva-TKO Round 1
-95 kg: Fraser Weightman def. Shaun Forde-TKO Round 1
-85 kg: Semifinal 1/2 : Ammari Diedrick def. Jordan Smith-Majority Decision
-85 kg: Semifinal 2/2: Colin Murphy def. Darren Anstey
-77 kg: Dean Pattinson def. Adam Hadfield-Unanimous Decision
-70 kg: William Goldie-Galloway def. Joe Himsworth-Unanimous Decision
-85 kg: Ammari Diedrick def. Darren Anstey-TKO Round 2 (Diedrick Road to Glory 3 Tournament Winner)

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