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ACB KB 16 took place today in Targoviste, Romania. Fans in attendance and viewers on YouTube, FightBox HD, and Match TV in Russia, were treated to a solid night of action that included some early finishes. Youth prevailed over experience in the main bouts of the evening, as prospects Adsalam Barkinhoev and Donegi Abena won decisions over veterans Albert Kraus and Andrei Stoica.

Donegi Abena (SUR) def. Andrei Stoica (ROM)- Decision 95kg (Main Event)
The 20-year-old Abena had a slight size advantage and came out pressuring Stoica. Stoica landed a couple of good right hands at long distance, and seemed to edge round one. In round two, Abena kept up the pressure, and Stoica began to tire. Abena landed a couple of good lefts. Abena was the fresher fighter in round three, and kept up his attack to earn the decision. Abena improves to 24-5. Stoica is 45-7.

Adsalam Barkinkhoev (RUS) def. Albert Kraus (HOL)-Split Decision (co-Main Event)
Barkinkhoev remained unbeaten with a close decision over Kraus. Kraus, put the pressure on Barkinkhoev, looking to work his hands on the inside. Barkinkhoev, a southpaw, was quicker and seemed to have the edge early, scoring with punches and some nice inside low kicks. Kraus had the advantage in the third round as he continued to pressure the young Russian. The commentators gave Kraus the advantage in the bout, but the judges disagreed. Barkinkhoev is 12-0(5). Kraus slips to 105-3-22.

Nino Pattvean (ROM) def. Islam Khozhdevdiev (RUS)- KO1 75kg
Khozhdevdiev looked to land his heavy hands, and the fighters battled. Pattvean, 19, was getting the better of the action, and Khozhdevdiev was hurt to the body and tiring. A combination of punches dropped the Russian Federation fighter, and he was counted out.

Stanislav Kazantsev (UKR) DRAW Farkhad Akhmedzhanov (BLR)-70KG
This was a well matched bout. Akhmedzhanov put pressure and looked to use his hands. Kazantsev landed some solid kicks. Akhedzhanov seemed to stun Kazantsev with a punch combination that drove him back in round two. Kazantsev picked up his work rate in the last round. The bout was declared a draw, and there was no extra round. Kazantsev is now 20-1-4. Akhmedzhanov is 35-1-17.

Adelin Mihaila (ROM) def. Costin Mincu (ROM)-TKO 1 77kg
Mihaila countered a body kick from the taller Mincu with a good punch early. A right hand had Mincu on rubber legs, and Mihaila dropped him wit ha left hook. Mincu got up and tried to fend off Mihaila with a spinning kick. Mihaila took his time. He countered a low kick with a big punch and then dropped Mincu again with an overhand right. Mincu got up but was shaky and the referee stopped the fight on a TKO. Mihaila, who fights out of the Superkombat Academy, improves to 12-2(7). Mincu is now 7-4.

Damian Johansen (HOL) def. David Constantin (ROM)- KO1 67kg
Johansen came out throwing hands from both stances to set up low kicks and moving away. Constantin chased and walked into a knee to the body, and Johansen followed up with a knee upstairs. The knee to the body did Constantin in. Johansen improves to 63-2-6. Constantin’s record is now 11-4.

Tamerlan Bashirov(RUS) def. Calin Petrisor (ROM)-Unanimous Decision 67kg
In a battle between two young prospects (both age 20), Bashirov wore down local favorite Petrisor with low kicks en route to a unanimous points win. Petrisor looked to score with his hands, and blocked a lot of Bashirov’s punches, but the low kicks added up. By late in round two, Petrisor was hurting from the low kicks. In the third, Bashirov continued to land low kicks. Petrisor looked to land punches and jump knees, but couldn’t turn the tables. Bashirov improves to 10-1(2). Petrisor is 22-3(11).

Max Van Gelder (HOL) def. Tibor Varge (HUN)-TKO 1 (Injury) 95kg
Van Gelder had the height advantage and threw a couple of body kicks early. Varga threw a kick that hit Van Gelder’s knee, injuring the Hungarian fighter’s foot. Varga took the eight count and the fight was halted. Van Gelder improves to 23-2-2(7). Van Gelder fights out of the Superpro Gym, and is a sparring partner of Glory heavyweight king Rico Verhoeven, according to commentator Danny Kendrick.

Bashlam Amadov (RUS) def. Stoean Leonard (ROM)-Unanimous Decision 60kg
In a match up of two young fighters (ages 21 and 19) starting their careers, Amadov got the better of Stoean. Amadov controlled the action, as Leonard moved and fought off the back foot. Amadov scored with some good punches and low kicks. Leonard landed a few nice right hands during the bout and showed fast hands, but the Romanian was clearly tiring by the second round. Amadov is now 1-1. Leonard is 1-2.

Alexe Claudiu (ROM) def. Adrian Cibu (ROM)-TKO1 85 kg
Southpaw Claudiu started fast, and knocked down Cibu with a big right hook. Cibu got up and tried to battle back, but more big punches led to an eight count and the fight was stopped by the referee. Claudiu improves to 11-0-3(2). Cibu is now 12-0-6(8).

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