ACB KB 15 Results from Moscow

ACB Kickboxing put on its biggest event yet with a marathon card Friday night in Moscow, Russia. ACB KB 15 featured three title fights and some of Russia’s top young talent. Artem Levin won the organization’s 85kg title in the main event. Tsotne Rogava became the organization’s new heavyweight champion, and Perviz Abdullaev showed his toughness in winning the 77kg belt.

Artem Levin WD5 Igor Bugaenko (Wins ACB KB 85kg Title)
Levin made a successful return to championship kickboxing with a decision win over Bugaenko to become the first ever ACB KB champion. It was a technical fight, and Levin did the better work to pick up the victory.

Tsotne Rogava (Ukraine) WD5 Jhonata Diniz (Brazil)- Wins ACB KB Heavyweight Title
Rogava won a decision over Diniz to lift the ACB KB Heavyweight title. The bout started well with some good action early. The pace slowed by the third round, with Diniz the fighter coming forward. Rogava got the nod from the judges.

Perviz Abdullaev (Azerbaijan) TKO 3 Islam Baibatyrov (Russia) (Wins ACB KB 77kg Title)
Abdullaev outlasted Baibatyrov to become the ACB KB 77kg champion. The Azerbaijan fighter ate some hard punches and low kicks, but kept coming forward. Baibatyrov was the quicker fighter when the two exchanged. By late in the third round, the fight’s pace took a greater toll on Baibatyrov. The referee issued an eight count to the tired Baibatyrov after he was slow getting up after missing a spinning kick. Baibatyrov was doubled over after the round ended, and the bout was halted by his corner. Abdullaev improves to 47-0-6. Baibatyrov suffered his second loss to slip to 6-0-2.

Alexander Stetsurenko UD3 Jonatan Oliveira (Brasil) (Russia)-80kg
Stetsurenko dropped Oliveira twice in the first round en route to a unanimous points win. Stetsurenko hurt Oliveira to the body and dropped him with a shot downstairs moments later. A Stetsurenko right dropped the Brazilian for the second time later in the round. Stetsurenko was the more effective fighter in the second and third rounds, landing the more effective punches. The Russian improves to 61-0-14. Oliveira is now 22-0-9.

Dzhabar Askerov (Russia) UD3 Ergali Urbulatov (Russia)-70kg
Askerov cruised to a points win over the inexperienced Urbalatov. Askerov pressed behind his high guard, and scored with some bruising leg kicks. Urbalatov tried to discourage Askerov with punches and kicks but nothing of note landed. Askerov improves to 107-0-34. Urbulatov is now 5-0-2.

Ivan Kondratiev (Russia) UD3 Ramazan Razakov (Russia)-70kg
Kondratiev landed some hard left body kicks, and dropped Razakov with a counter punch late in the first round. Razakov came out fast in the second but was tiring and backing up late in the round. Kondratiev continued to land the better shots in the third. Kondratiev is now 9-0-4, while Razakov suffered his first loss to slip to 13-0-1.

Adsalam Barkinkhoev (Russia) WD3 Vadim Davydov (Russia)-70kg
Barkinkhoev remained unbeaten with a decision over the tough Davydov in an entertaining 70kg match up. Davydov appeared to be wearing Barkinkhoev down with his pressure, but Barkinkhoev dropped him and landed some solid shots in the third round. Good fight. Barkinhoev is 11-0. Davydov is now 12-1-4.

Vadim Apsit (Russia)WD3 Mansur Vaduev (Russia)-77kg
Apsit earned the win over Vaduev in a match up of young and inexperienced fighters. Apsit landed the better blows-including a nice right hand that snapped Vaduev’s head back in the first and some solid leg kicks in the second. The bout was untidy at times with missed blows and clinching, and both fighters tired late. Apsit improves to 2-0. Vaduev is now 3-0-3.

Daniil Gavrilov (Russia)KO2 Gor Nazaryan (Armenia)-60kg
Gavrilov ended the fight suddenly in the second with a left high kick that dropped Nazaryan. Moments before, he’d backed up Nazaryan with a front kick, and when Nazaryan came back in he got caught. Gavrilov, a southpaw with a Muay Thai background, showed some nice technique and movement. Gavrilov improves to 6-0-2. Nazaryan is now 9-0-3.

Rodion Sheremet (Russia) WD3 Vitaly Volosovskiy (Russia)-65kg
Sheremet pressured Volosovskiy and got the better of the exchanges with his stronger punches. Volosvskiy tried a few jumping knees but was blocked and countered a couple of times,and nothing damaged Sheremet. Sheremet improves to 7-0-2. Volosovsky slips to 3-0-3.

Arshak Kazaryan (Russia)TKO2 Daniel Negat (Cameroon)-77kg
Kazaryan, nicknamed “The Black Bear” got his fifth KO win in 5 fights against Negat. Kazaryan turned up the pressure in the second round, scoring a knockdown and then continuing to attack until the ref issued Negat an eight count and stopped the fight. Negat is now 7-0-5.

Sher Mamazulov (Uzbekistan)TKO1 Ruslan Kostin (Russia)
Mamazulov showed good hands in stopping Kostin early. He landed a good right hand after Kostin threw a one-two, and soon dropped Kostin with a right hand. Kostin was still hurt when he arose and Mamazulov dropped him again with a right. The ref waved off the fight immediately.

 Rolan Guliev (Azerbaijan) WD3 Daniil Paramzin (Russia)-60kg
Guliev defeated teenager Paramzin on points in the opening bout. Paramzin is 19 and made his pro debut. The shorter Guliev was the aggressor and landed some solid punches. Paramzin looked to keep the fight at range, and landed some solid body kicks. The bout seemed close, and the judges favored Guliev. Guliev improves to 12 wins, 0 draws, and 2 losses (12-0-2).(

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