ACB KB 13 Results

Bugaenko Outquicks Kemayo at ACB KB 13
Igor Bugaenko’s superior quickness was the difference, as the Belarusian champion was able to sharpshoot his way to a unanimous decision over K-1 veteran Freddy Kemayo. The 95kg bout headlined ACB KB’s “From Paris With War” event Saturday night at the Halle Georges-Carpienter. Bugaenko was able to score with quick punches on Kemayo as Freddy moved forward, punctuating his combos with a low kick or turning the corner and moving away.. Kemayo mainly focused on scoring with leg kicks and couldn’t land anything of consequence. Bugaenko appeared to stun Kemayo a couple of times with left hooks, but Freddy never looked in trouble. Bugaenko, a Superkombat champion, improves to 67-11-1. Freddy is 70-25-1(48).

There were 8 other bouts on the card.

Samy Sana UD3 Rashid Salikhov
Sana, a French Muay Thai champion, was too much for the aggressive Salikhov. Sana was able to block and counter effectively, and a right hand knocked down Salikhov in the first round. Sana improves to 87-3(49). Salikhov lost for the second time in 17 fights.

Darryl Sichtman (Suriname) DRAW3 Cyril Benzaquen (FRA)
Benzaquen used a hit and move strategy against the straight ahead Sichtman, trying to catch him as Sichtman came forward and moving away. Sichtman had his moments and landed some solid punches, and the bout was ruled a draw. Cyril is now 63-6-2. It’s the first draw for the hard-hitting Sichtman’s career, and his ledger now stands at 57-4-1(33).

Djibril Ehouo (FRA) UD3 Yuri Bessmerthy (BEL)
Both fighters were content to fight at distance early, with Djibril landing the harder shots. Stream went down in second round. Yuri was the fresher of the two later in the fight, and came forward and landed some good shots late. Close fight. Djibril is now 64-6-1, while Yuri’s record is 38-18(1(19). Djibril said after the bout he’s willing to give Yuri a rematch in Russia or France.

Mohammed Diaby (FRA)  WD3 Rosario Presti (ITA)
Diaby used his height and reach advantages well to win a clear points win over Presti in a battle of veterans. Diaby was able to score well with punches and kicks at long range, and also blocked and moved away when Presti tried to attack. Diaby landed with a left that dropped Presti in the second, but the referee called it a slip because Presti was off balance from throwing a kick. Diaby improves to 105-12-3. Presti is now 74-23.

Zakaria Tijarti (MOR) UD3 Tamerlan Bashirov (RUS)
Tijarti lost a point for illegal sweeps in the third after his third warning, but he was already ahead on points. Tijarti’s leg and body kicks at distance were the difference, as the action was fairly even when the two fighters battled at close range. Tijarti is now 30-3(13). The tough Tamerlan is 9-2.

Aurel Ignat (MOL) UD3 Mikhail Chalykh (RUS)
Ignat won the first round and scored a left hook knockdown in the second set up by an inside low kick. In the third, Chalykh did his best work as Ignat seemed to tire late. Ignat improves to 10-1. Chalykh is now 18-3(6).

Islam Khozhdevdiev (RUS) WD3 Artur Brinza (MOL)
Khozhdevdiev’s punching power carried him to victory over Brinza in an action packed fight. Khozhdevdiev knocked Brinza down with a left hook in the third, after hurting him in the first with another hook. Brinza started well and scored with some good bodywork in the second round. Khozdevdiev showed a solid chin and good punching power in the win. Khozdevdiev improves to 3-2. Brinza is 50-4(40).

Max van Gelder (HOL) WD3 Su Zhihao (CHI)
Van Gelder looked to keep distance on the shorter Zhihao, who tried to get inside and score with punches. Van Gelder landed some nice body and leg kicks on the outside. Zhihao landed some good punches in close. Van Gelder was more aggressive in the last round, coming forward and  landing a couple of good knees to the body as well as with punches and kicks. Van Gelder improves to 21-2-2. Su dips to 11-3.

Mike Diamondz was the ring announcer. ACB’s next show is March 23 in Orel, Russia and features Russian standout Vlad Tuynov.

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