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On Saturday, ACA Kickboxing held its first tournament since the recent merger between the Absolute Championship Berkut and WCFA organisations.

In the main event, Tamerlan Bashirov defeated Georgi Khufenia of Georgia by unanimous decision.

Here are unofficial results.

02 March, 2019
ACA KB 18: “Battle of Tolstoy-Yurt”
Promoter: ACA Kickboxing
Tolstoy-Yurt, Republic of Chechnya, Russian Federation

Magomed Shamsaev (Russian Federation) def. Davit Ter-Avetisyan (Armenia)-KO Round 1
Bashlam Amadov (Russian Federation) def. Askar Ragimov (Azerbaijan)-Split decision.
Shaaman Humidov (Russian Federation) def. Aram Mirzayan (Armenia)-Unanimous Decision.
Tamirlan Khasiyev (Russian Federation) def. Magomed Abuyev (Russian Federation)-Unanimous Decision.
Shahbulat Bapaev (Russian Federation) def. Zaur Kochiev (Russian Federation)-Unanimous Decision
Suliman Beterbiev (Russian Federation) def. Hakob Petoyan (Armenia)-KO Round 1
Mairbek Midiev (Russian Federation) def. Davit Tskaroziya (Georgia)-Unanimous Decision.
Ilyas Ilyasov (Russian Federation) def. Otar Gogoberishvili (Georgia)-Unanimous Decision.
Khalid Khumidov (Russian Federation) def. Ruslan Musaev (Azerbaijan)-Unanimous Decision.
Abdul Ayubov (Russian Federation) def. Zohrab Azimov (Azerbaijan)- Unanimous Decision.
Lado Gabisonia (Georgia) def. Abdul-Aziz Yusupov (Russian Federation)-Split Decision
Vadim Apsit ( Russian Federation) def. Islam Hajdivdiev (Russian Federation)- Unanimous Decision.
Hamid Paschaev (Russian Federation) def. Spartak Shengelia (Georgia)-Unanimous Decision.
Musa Soltayev (Russian Federation) def. Vitaly Lukyan (Moldova)-KO Round 1
Tamerlan Bashirov (Russian Federation) def. Georgi Khufenia (Georgia)-Unanimous Decision

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